Wednesday, 24 August 2016


The idea most people have is enjoy now (not minding the place of God in it) and forget about latter.By doing this they postpone their total surrender to God,but the shocking part is they still crave for a better latter.Have you sat to ask yourself how well have you given your today to God? I tell you no life is complete or truly fulfilled without God today.
The word of God commands in Matthew 6:33 ; the kingdom principle of a better latter is seeking God first and every other thing ,even your tomorrow will be sure in life,your life's desire for a better latter is embedded in seeking God first,because all things consist in him.
Remember that the life we lived will be given account of on the last you desire a better latter seek God now.How well your tommorow turns out is how best you have yielded your today to God.The pursuit of vanity can cause you to vanish quickly but you can avoid this if you seek God now and everyday of your living.your better latter is in God.The blessings of the latter is saying yes to God now and ever!


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