Wednesday, 24 August 2016


I guess someone is asking how can one flirt with destiny.Yes it is so possible,Once a person gets involved in things that can mar them,they are flirting with their destinies.
It is important to realise that we were all created with a glorious destiny and we should guide it jealously.Our destiny was forknew by God (Romans 8:29,30),every thing about our creation is divine and most mysterious beyond our understanding and we only rely on God for everything we can be.Your destiny, is a destination that God is taking you ,but can be misplaced if you flirt with it,just like in the case of Samson(judges13;14;15;16) he knew the divine secrecy of his destiny but went ahead to flirt with it by allowing flesh to control him which lead to an unpleasant end.Now What are those common things we do that shows that we are flirting with our destinies :
-Disobedience to divine instructions:  most times we don't listen to divine instructions we rather choose to follow self will more than the creators (God) .Samson was given such instruction but disobeyed by being unequally yoked with the philistine woman.I tell you the word of God should be your standard for living and nothing else, anything outside his word has no impact to make on your destiny.In what way have you been disobedient it's not too late to turn over.
-Lack of focus:  most people are easily distracted by the things that gratifies their present without no thought of the aftermath effect.Your destiny is too precious to toil with,why have you laid your hands on the plough and still decide to look have a great destiny ahead of you, focus!
-Pride: Sure we know that pride goes before a can't be up and still look up, that means you have to humble yourself enough to be able see the plans God has for you to fulfilling your destiny. God loves the humble.
-Putting your weakness to test: our weakness should be strengthened in God and not put to the sinful test,boast or arrogancy.know your weakness and completely yield them to God so His grace can pull you through.stop putting your weakness to test it can Mar your destiny,you are not sufficient of your own but the grace of God.
-Don't get too familiar with God that you abuse the privilege of grace he has given you. Let your fellowship with Him not just be a festival but an encounter, don't think you have gotten so close to God that you can mess with your destiny.True he is a merciful God, in the same way he said he will have mercy on him he will have mercy on. What Mr A got away with,Mrs B might not be able to survive it halfway that doesn't still mean God supports Mr A .Don't abuse grace.
-Be cautious with your tongue: (psalm 50:23;psalm39:1; James 3:5) .most people have unconsciously told their secrets to their enemies by unnecessary gestation.Be careful what you say and whom you say it to.Tell God whatever it is, if at all you need to tell anyone tell those who can pray along with You.

Your destiny is too precious to play with. Flee Youthful lust and ungodly affection.Get involved with God and let him take you to your destination.your destiny is glorious. The fulfillment of your destiny has alot to do with the choices you make today.It not too late!
Do I hear someone crying out to God today!


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