Friday, 26 August 2016


Every action was propelled by a passion either positive or negative. What you are passionate about can propel you to the wrong or right direction. Passion comes with intent. What is your intention about that thing that makes you so passionate? Is it right or wrong? Does it bring smile to you and others or does it hurt?
It is good to be passionate but choose to be passionate about something positive that doesn't just benefit you but make a great influence in other lives,because your passion is your propelling force. Passion In this context is a strong sense of determination. So if your passion doesn't propel you for something right,let such passion die down and if you find it hard to die down such, seek help from a counsellor or godly friends who will discourage you from it.
Go all out for something that brings God glory.impact others positively and become a great force to reckon with.stop encouraging wrong passion because what it propels you to do is destructive, but a passion for a good course propels you to the top and makes you stand out from the crowd.Develop your passion for the right course.let it be something that makes you all sold out for Christ.
The passion that Christ has for his fathers(God) work brought about redemption. What is the product of your passion?  How does it influence your generation?  Stand for what is right!


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