Wednesday, 31 August 2016


A healthy body begins with a healthy cell.
Cell is the basic unit of living organism and an essential part of life, infact it is the basic unit to which the entire system consist.
Cell as basic unit:  cell - tissue -organ our entire body system has call as it's basic unit.This means whatever affects the cell affects the entire body.Your cell isn't only what keeps your body functioning at optimal health, it's what keeps it functioning at all.
As soon as the cell loose any of their capacity to produce energy for the body, the result is; a decline in health and emergence of degenerate conditions.
Now how do we make sure our cells are working at full pump on the energy front? Fortunately it's not as hard as it sounds, because scientific research shows that good nutrition is key!
Your cells depend on adequate intakes of several nutrients to stay healthy. These nutrients come from a variety of food in each group and the best way to be sure you are getting the daily recommendations for each is to eat a well -balanced diet.You may also want to include supplement under doctor/health personels/nutritionist  recommendation if you are having trouble getting enough cell nourishing nutrients.

Some tips of cell nourishing nutrients:
1. PROTEIN: It plays a large role in cell growth and repairs damaged cell as well.protein comes from mostly animal products including beef,chicken,fish,pork,eggs,and milk. Beans, peas,nuts,seeds and corn are plant products that contain daily protein intake:10-35% daily calorie intake.

2.IRON: This is the nutrient that builds healthy red blood cell. Iron rich food include beans,beef,chicken,shrimp,peas,dried fruit,potatoes,spinach,and tomatoes juice. Adult women between 18-50 need 18mg of iron each day, while older men and women should aim to get 8mg daily. Supplements can also be an additional support(recommends Alliance in motion global supplements ).

It supports the formation of red blood cells and is only found in animal foods. It is in egg,meat ,chicken, shell fish and milk products.Adults need 2.4mg of this B-vitamin each day to support healthy cell within the blood.

4.ANTI-OXIDANTS: Present in many foods and they fight free radical damage that occur through exposure to environment to ruin and a poor diet,both of which damage cell and increase the risk of healthy cell problems. Fruits and vegetables are good source of ANTI-OXIDANTS, and a diet rich in them is associated with a lower incidence of these diseases other good sources include dark chocolate, beans, whole grains,and fish.A well balanced meal plan offers a good dose of ANTI-OXIDANTS to support healthy cells in all part of our body.
   Healthy diet,regular exercise, periodic detoxification and targeted supplement help sustain optimal vitality throughout life.
Now you have an idea of how well you can nourish your cell and keep your body healthy.

A healthy cell is a healthy body!


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