Tuesday, 23 August 2016


An renowned authour once said, and I quote; when the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable, but I say when the purpose of a man Is not known he lives for anything and achieve's nothing.
It is important to know that everyone was created for a purpose and your purpose is what puts you in the right direction. When you are in the right direction you are focused and focus stir up a strong sense of determination that cause you to thrive to fulfillment. In the path of thriving to fulfillment there is discovery of potentials imbedded within you.Now this potentials are not to be left dormant but rather are utilized to make positive impact that brings glory to God because we were made for His glory.The life you impact replicates you and gradually takes you from being just an individual to an institute.
Purpose is continuous from generation to generation purpose are birth forth. The influence of your purpose fulfillment can birth someone's purpose. Your purpose carry's divine light.
The miracle of knowing your purpose is first knowing God(the author and foundation of purpose).
Do I hear someone crying out for a discovery of His/Her purpose today.Ephesians 1:5(ESV) He predestined us for adoption as  sons through Jesus Christ according to the purpose of His word !


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