Wednesday, 31 August 2016


GED presents HOPE 2016
Generally girls are believed to be the sister, the wife, and the mother ,the one who is meant to make a difference in the society,emphasis are laid on her  but yet she is being neglected by the society,she is prone to alot of abuse around her due to societal negligence or self ignorance,forgetting her potentials and dreams to build a home and be mother of nations,to create impact and touch lives around her,to be called blessed as she ought to be called,to train and nurture role models.But instead,her dreams are being chattered by unwanted pregnancy,sexual abuse,and tribal believes,and so she is prone  to sexually transmitted diseases,pre mature death,abortion etc.
This is why   Generation of Esther and Deborah foundation  will  be paying a visit to the girls in the rural area of port novo,Benin we give health talk,empowerment trainning, and also sharing the little we have with them.
Join the cause  by supporting the project. Through our Facebook @Generation of Esther and Deborah foundation or
..Remember your little can change a life...

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