Tuesday, 31 January 2017


NUGGET: PSALM 136:4; To the one who alone does great and wondrous things, for his gracious love is everlasting.Thank you Jesus !
By the power of God i decree a total end to emptiness in your life.I decree that never again shall you see shame .The Lord shall perform wonders specifically for you.Receive the divine oil of bountiful folds.Where men have disappointed you the Lord shall give you preference and divine appointment. Evil Generational debt requesting payments from you ,by the power in the blood of Jesus they are nullified. Powers against your full satisfaction, i decree the rage of fire against them.Where it seems your physical power can't get to, the Lord shall manifest wonders on your behalf.Same God that took Joseph from prison to palace shall crown you with grace and blessedness for new level.Now is your time to overflow in God's goodness.God is wiping out years of tears and placing upon you glory and beautification. Your name shall no longer be mentioned for negativity but for favour. By the power of God you shall manifest greatness. I decree heavenly release and divine positioning of all that God has imbedded in this month and beyond for you. The Lord shall launch into the new month and his right hand shall establish you in Jesus name ,amen!

TODAY'S TIP: Align your right attitude of expectations to your desires.Your help doesn't come from another person but God !


Monday, 30 January 2017


The ability to perceive your moment opens your heart to being a blessing of solution.Stop focusing on the problem and negativity around you,start thinking of how you can be a solution .What are those lapses you see around ,you can equip yourself or take up the courage to fill them up that way you will definitely make an impact .Don't put on a nonchalant attitude about every phase God is taking you through,perceive and be sensitive about it.Know the purpose why you are where you are and make the most out of it ,you never know that might just be a start of something new in your life or an open door for breakthrough.Just like the shunem woman in 2kings 4:8-17 who was able to perceive what needed to done at that moment and time and it brought about her own miracle.Your complains can't stir a change, but your ability to perceive,have a foresight of solution and make a positive impact can. Perceive your moment what are those things lacking around you,turn a positive eye of solution on them and rise on the ladder of relevance because your influence is what makes you relevant. Let your living not just be about you alone,perceive your moment be concerned about others.Don't live in isolation, be an influence,touch lives,impact souls,desire to be more.Stop picking up fights and quarells,don't shy away from the truth, don't run away from challenges(they make you better when you face them with faith and boldness in Christ).It's about time you begin to perceive why God has placed you where you are at such a time and ask for his grace to touch lives positively. The nonchalant and carefree lifestyle won't help you make the most of where you are ,don't turn a blind eye when you see something going wrong ,perceive your moment,touch a life and make a difference !

Sunday, 29 January 2017


NUGGET: PSALM 102:13; You will again get up and have mercy on Zion: for the time has come for her to be comforted.Thank you Jesus !
I decree has delayed you from manifesting your set time ,the Lord release his angels to double cross them for your miracle to manifest.Evil calendar activated in this year against your progressed is consumed by the fire of the holy ghost.I decree that your time to be comforted on all side has come.I pray that God's compassion shall be extended unto you and your household.Evil hand magnetising you backward withers by the fire of God.I decree divine advancement over your life.The Lord shall smile on you and all that you do.I proclaim that this your time and season of favour.All that has made you mourn shall become a thing of laughter and testimony.You shall not be a deserted city but a fruitful land.Whatever has laid your honour in the dust for so long ,by the power of God i decree a rising out of that dust now.Receive grace for a better and closer intimacy with God.You shall begin to experience revelations for divine direction. Whatever was done in the past against your future is nullified by the blood of Jesus.The ground of reproach shall not prosper in your life.The grace that lifts shall locate you in Jesus name,amen

TODAY'S TIP: The cross is where the burden should be laid down and not your heart.Stop letting yourself get weighed down by things God has already settled on the cross !



NUGGET: JOB 22:28; When you make a decision on something, it will be established for you, and light will brighten your way.Thank you Jesus!
I decree that oppressor shall not afflict your labour.The Lord shall establish you as a strong city,you shall be lifted up as the highest mountains above delay,obstacles and limitations. Any strange forces of darkness poisoning your fertile ground are terminated by fire.Every spirit of doubt and fear slowing down your step is terminated by the blood of Jesus out of your life.I decree the outpouring of the spirit of God upon you and all that concerns you.The Lord God shall establish you ,you shall not be moved by the terror of darkness. Your plans shall not be useless ,the Lord shall shine his light of fulfillment upon it. What devil thought will bring you down,God will make it an elevation ground.Strange forces trying to distract you from your divine purpose shall nit prosper. The God of heaven and earth all rearrange circumstances and situations for your favour.Wrong friends that want to confuse your mind put of your divine purpose ,visions shall be exposed out of your life. The hand of God shall be established over your life and all you do in Jesus name,amen!

TODAY'S TIP: You are made for greatness you are identified for blessing !


Saturday, 28 January 2017


Sometimes people gradually relent and call it rest,and they try to justify within themselves that they are still on track.The truth is it is good to rest at the necessary time of rest and also some extra rest when one has overworked but it is also good to be conscious so that while you rest you are not already relenting. We rest to gain strength (physical) or recover so as to become stronger and possibly better but when you know that it's not rest but a relent is when you gradually begin to give up on those things that inspires you and give you a sense of fulfillment, at this point one begins to loose zeal and focus,you begin to take things that relate to your dreams and vision lightly.always mark a thing line between when you are resting or relenting because it will keep you in check of your purpose and pursuit.
My friend you don't have to relent because it's not over until God says so.Keep pushing those dreams and vision, keep hope alive,have faith even when the situation tells you otherwise beceause situation doesn't determine your life God is the determinant of how things turns out in your life if you hold on to him,he is the master planner of your life,the light will break forth for you.It's okay to rest especially when you come back better refired but don't relent and don't try to convince yourself that its a rest when it's a relent. Keep moving until you get to your destination,pray until you get answers,work until you get result ,be sure that the tides will turn in your favour. Don't relent on your dreams, don't let your visions fade out,you have a whole life ahead of you don't let it waste.Rest when you need to because you need to because you need strength for another day,but don't telent until that story becomes a glorious testimony,until you are fulfilled,until you break even and your life becomes a voice all over nations.Don't relent in the place of rest,You are made for greatness !


NUGGET: Proverbs 4:18; But the way of the upright is like the light of early morning, getting brighter and brighter till the full day.Thank you Jesus !
I pray that you shall not be hidden and your glory shall not diminish.I pray that your path shall continue to shine.I decree by the power of God that you shall become a light that others look up to.I decree by the authority of Calvary that people shall not trample on you ,you will be a high city of greatness.I decree that your season of new dawn is come in it's fullness.I pray that you shall be set on high and nothing shall cover your brightness.The Lord release you into supernatural greatness that exceeds odds and difficulties. Nations shall see your good works and glorify God over your life.As the sun can not be covered nor the moon withheld from shining so shall your brightness be upon the earth.I pray that your efforts shall become ladder of elevation. people shall be in awe of God's wonders in your life.I pray that aroma of God's favour shall envelope your life.Receive direction to sow fruitful seeds and reap joyful harvest.Whatever has set a boundary between you and your manifestation break by the fire of God.The God of unbeatable total restoration is visiting you and your family today.I decree that you shall mot be counted for failure but distinguished for success in Jesus name,amen !

TODAY'S TIP: Don't confront your battles having failure in mind,be positive minded ,be victoriously confident !


Friday, 27 January 2017


NUGGET: ISAIAH 49:8 ; “This what the LORD says: “I’ll answer you in a time of favor, and on a day of salvation I’ll help you. I have watched over you, and given you as a covenant for the people, to restore the land, to reassign the inheritances that have been devastated.Thank You Jesus !
I decree that anything God has not accepted in this year for you shall not manifest in your life. I pray that your desires and request shall go up to God as a sweet smelling savor and answers shall be released to you as rain drops.Every battle against the will of God for your life is cancelled by the blood of Jesus. I decree by the power of God that from today you shall be a terror to your enemies,they shall not be able to stand against the brightness of God's light upon you.I decree that great things shall be proclaimed over your life and family.I pray that the Lord shall succor you in every area of your life.Those who have driven you away shall begin to look for you to show you kindness.Whatever the devil has hidden in this year to trouble you i decree that it is exposed and nullified by the blood of Jesus.Caged blessings, testimonies, and miracles by the power of God they are released now.Receive divine oil to be established in this year.In the multitude of God's mercies supernatural uncommon manifestation shall begin to happen in your Life.I decree a divine relocation for a total turn around.whatever has held you bound for so long it is broken permanently by the sword of fire.Now is your season.The brightness of your star shall silence the mouth of your oppressors.You shall experience the acceptable season of God's loving kindness in Jesus name,amen !

TODAY'S TIP: Look beyond the obstacles and set your heart on God !


Wednesday, 25 January 2017


NUGGET: PSALM 106:4;Remember me, LORD, when you show favor to your people. Visit us with your deliverance.Thank you Jesus!
My heart standeth in awe of God's word i will never depart from his way.The Lord is my shelter from the storm.my strength shall not fail until my purpose on earth is fulfilled to the uttermost because i go in the strength of the Lord.I am a glorious city ,i carry the seed of greatness. I have a unique identity in Christ and i do not operate with anything contrary to it therefore any hold of wrong identity is cancelled from my life.I stand in the place where God has commanded his blessings and life forevermore. I flourish like cedars in Lebanon i never run dry.The Lord bears me on eagles wings therefore i mount up high.I refused to be provoked to speak unadvisely with my lips .I am an inheritance of Christ according to his word of promise. The battle is the Lords therefore my victory is assured in him.The angels of  God are placing things in order for my favour.My visions shall not fail neither shall it be frustrated because i align my desires with God's word.My heart long after God and not the viles of men.The Lord puts gladness in my heart and fills my mouth with songs of rejoicing.I am crafted according to God's purpose,created for his works and i am precious in his sight. Evil shall not before me stand because i am assured in God's safety.All this i confess and believe its manifestation in Jesus name,amen!

TODAY'S TIP : you can't do anything of your own except God empowers you to.Trust him to do exploit!



Every moment of your life there should be something that motivates you ,gives you a drive and keeps you going relentlessly that is a calk to action.You should say things to yourself that pushes you to be better ,things like yes i can ,God has made me more than this,i know who i am ,my generation is waiting for my manifestation. This are are the kind of words you need at every moment of your life.Just as the bible says encourage yourself in the Lord.Do not let anything frustrate you out of God's purpose for your life and that's why you have to keep telling yourself things that pushes you forward .At every moment of your life use words that inspires you to be the best that you can.You were not created to be a burden but a blessing.push yourself beyond the limits and say to yourself yes i can because everything that God has planned concerning you is all for good but how come you keep letting the devil trick your mind to be troubled. What is your call to action at those time when you down,when you feel all out,do you let yourself stay down or you tell yourself its time to be my best.You need that call to action as a driving force ,you need to keep saying it to yourself at every moment.Do the best you can and God will do the rest you can't .Your calk to action is a driving force so say it,live and be it !


NUGGET: MICAH 5:9;Your hand is lifted up against those who are against you, and all your haters will be cut off.Thank you Jesus !
I pray for that person that has been struggling at a particular point for so long ,i decree that the Lord is taking you further and farther. For those struggling with negative habits and addiction of any kind you are delivered by God's hand of mercy.I pray that your past shall not become a bondage to your present and future.God's helping hand shall find you where you have been forgotten. I pray that your name shall be put forward before great people and you shall be favoured. I decree that you shall not be lost in the valley God shall pave the way for you.whoever has spoken anything against your living when God has not declared it shall be silenced forever .The grace never to be replaced but remain relevant receive it now .In this year 2017 your glory shall speak beyond borders.I pray that your blessing shall not slip away from your hands.Everything you come in contact with this year shall favour your righteous course. All that pertain to life and godly living you shall have.You shall shine beautifully in his grace in Jesus name,amen !

TODAY'S TIP : Rely on a source that can never be out of resource his name is Jesus !


Tuesday, 24 January 2017


NUGGET: Psalm 62:7,8 ; It is God that made me safe and put me somewhere important. God is a strong rock and a shelter. Everybody should always trust in him! Tell him everything that is in your heart. God is our shelter! Thank you Jesus !
I pray that there shall be a channel of God's unending flow of grace in your life.I pray that grace shall speak over your life.The covenant in the blood of Jesus that exceeds all covenant is changing rules for your favour.The benefits of sons of God shall not elude you.Receive grace to enlarge the will of your father(God) to move beyond the limitation that life has placed around you.The song of mercy shall not cease from your lips.I decree that the Joy of triumph shall be heard in your home.I pray that you shall be relevant to your generation and beyond ,the oil of relevance is released upon you.The goodness of God that endures continually shall be yours and your family's. By the power of God receive the blessedness to be skillful in all you do.By the mercies of God you are commended for divine approval. Where others fail you shall prevail.You shall not be a burden but a blessing.I pray that your story shall change from where is your God to i see God's hand in your life in Jesus name,amen !

TODAY'S TIP: It's not grades that got you to were you are or that will take you to God's desired place for you,it's the grace of God !


Monday, 23 January 2017


When grace is at work in a man's life it is simply saying grace is alive and living(manifesting) in such life.when grace is impacted on or upon that grace  is living.Grace is what makes a man,when grace locates or is activated in a life it never leaves that person the same way they were.when grace changes a life it begins to help that person live a much better life. Grace makes a life meaningful,ease struggles and turn it to miracle. Never underestimate what grace can do in a life.Grace is living and alive because anytime you come in contact with a person that carries greater grace there is a knowing and a mark of difference. We all experience or enjoy the privilege of grace in our everyday life,it empowers us to do .So whenever you see a greater grace and it's something you desire to also to enjoy in your life ,key into it by celebrating it,sow and humble your self to receive,because grace in a life can be replicated through impartation,grace never dies it lives and as much as you desire great grace you first have to know and be connected to the foundation of grace and that's Jesus,he is the one who gave the privilege of grace .Once you know him and you are committed to serving him he moves you from one level of living in grace to another.Always ask God for grace  in all that you do,it's your daily tablet for living because it lives and more so because the one (JESUS ) who made grace available to us lives.keep enjoying the life of grace as you get into a deeper knowing of the father.Grace lives !



NUGGET: 2Corinthains 9:8; And God is able to give you more than you need of every good thing. You will always have everything that you need for yourselves. Also, you will have enough so that you can give plenty to every good work.Thank you Jesus !
The Lord shall give you manner that shall never cease nor run dry.i pray that the memory of the wicked concerning you shall fail.The power that separated light from darkness shall separate and deliver you from dark situations. By the power in the blood of Jesus whatever is connecting you to anything that is not aligned to God's plan is broken.I decree that your life and destiny is enveloped in the blood of Jesus .By the power in the blood of Jesus every evil pronouncement trying to disrupt God's plan for you is cancelled .The creative hand of God shall pattern your life for great wonders.I pray that the angels of God shall be at work for testimonies to be wrath in your life.I pray that the unhidden glory of God shall shine radiantly upon you.You shall excel into high places.God has given the earth to his children for an inheritance therefore i pray that as an heir of the father the earth shall obey you and your steps be fruitful.I pray that the host of heavenly angels shall move in your favour in Jesus name, amen!

TODAY'S TIPS: Do not strive to be others God has given you the grace for your own fulfillment just follow the map !


Sunday, 22 January 2017


NUGGET: Ephesians 1:18;I pray that God will open your minds. So then you will understand what he has chosen to give to you. You will know the good things that he has caused you to hope for certainly. You will know what very rich and great things he has prepared for his people.Thank you Jesus
I decree that your dream shall not die,your visions shall not fail.Those who will help you to the next level the Lord shall cause them to locate you.The grace you need for fulfillment receive it now.I decree by the power of God that the eyes of your heart is open to divine revelational ideas that will turn things around for the best in your life.The Lord shall open your spiritual eyes to see the well of mercy and draw from it.Where you have been disgraced grace shall be activated to set you apart .In the name of Jesus you are anointed for a touch of greatness. Good things that has been silent in your life shall begin to speak for good.Good doors that has been long closed begin to open up to you on there own accord.Now is your time,you are unstoppable.The right contact for destiny manifestation receive it now.i rebuke frustration and set back out of your life by the power of God.God is on your side therefor those against you shall stumble and fall.The giant in you arise and break forth into a living testimony. Jesus that shed his blood for a testament of new things shall cause wonders to manifest in your life. Go and be a ruler of nations in Jesus name,amen !

TODAY'S TIP: Your heart is what God is after and is what he looks at,make it right with him as you go about your endeavour !


Friday, 20 January 2017


NUGGET: PSALM 145:19;He fulfills the desire of those who fear him; he also hears their cry and saves them.Thank you Jesus !
I decree that the hand of God is taking you from the lows and placing you on top.I pray for the uncommon spirit of excellence upon you that will make you most preferred. By the blood of Jesus i rebuke the spirit of rejection over your life .I pray that the glory of the head shall radiate over your life.where others find it difficult to make it  you shall excel with ease.Anyone seated on your case for evil the lord shall deliver you out of their hands.Another shall not sit on your seat of glory.Every mark of failure in your life is cancelled by the blood of Jesus. Kings and queens shall be your nursing father and nursing mother. A people whom you have not known shall serve you.You shall excel in greatness and increase. Every evil hand of accusation pointing at you i decree them withered by the power of God.what was said to be over and written off in your life shall become a thing of Joy and testimony. By the blood of Jesus every ashes of mockery upon you is wiped out by the blood of Jesus. The infallible proof of God shall locate you for a turn around.The Lord shall manifest possibility in every impossible situation concerning you.I pray that same God that turn bitter water to sweet will turn your bitter experience to sweet in Jesus name,amen !

TODAY'S TIP: Your focus on God will help the fulfillment of your dream !



Everyone deserves a second chance that's why it's never too late to take that right turn.Never let your past weigh you down that you forget to see the light shining through.it's important to know when to open the door of your heart to a new beginning.Don't get so lost in yesterday that you forget to give today a great start.you deserve a good life, you deserve happiness,you deserve to be free of those burdens and heart aches, but first you have to tell yourself it's time to start over and this begins with knowing your self worth.Never let what you've been through intimidate you from becoming what you are destined to be rather use it as a tool to become a better person. The way you handle every phase of your life determines it's negative or positive turn out. Don't waste your purpose because you fear to take that bold step .If you keep wallowing in the things that went wrong you won't be able to focus on the things that you can make work out for you. Those things happen to you,yes they did,it hurts yes i know but don't you think it's time for you to make things happen too.No matter how many times you've been rejected ,just at that point you about to give up that one acceptance that will change your story for ever starts to know at your door,the question is are you ready to open up for a new dawn.A fresh start has a way of opening you up for new opportunities. A fresh start has a way of shaping your mind positively. A fresh start doesn't mean that you stop being yourself, it simply means a decision you make to be better,to cut off those things that sour your happiness, to move away from those things that are trying to kill your dream,to say to yourself yes i can and act on it,to let go of those habit or behaviour that soil your identity, to discover purpose and pursue it.why don't you give yourself that chance to make things happen for you(positive) instead of allowing things to keep happening to you(negative). What is that area of your life that needs a fresh start, it's not to late to make that decision. Believe me ,the word impossible is just fear that's in the mind.with God all things are possible and his grace is sufficient for you.Take that bold step today and i see things working for your good !



NUGGET: ISAIAH 65:23; They will not work in vain, and their children will not be doomed to misfortune. For they are people blessed by the Lord, and their children, too, will be blessed.Thank you Jesus !
I pray upon your labour and increase that it shall not be devoured by the enemy,the blood of Jesus shall shield all that you own.I decree by assurance in the covenant of blessings that in the evening you shall lack nothing and in the morning you shall have bread to the full. By the divine mercies of God you shall not suffer loss.The lord is turning your prison experience into a testimony of praise.The Lord shall make you more than limitations. I decree the speedy manifestation of that breakthrough call.The Lord shall give you rest from trouble and great shall be your peace.In famine you shall have plenty and lend to nations.Anything slowing down your rise is terminated by the blood of Jesus.Heaven shall feed your wants with divine resources and the light of your countenance shall be brightened. Christ bore it all on the cross for you,never again shall you bear the burden of sorrow.The heavenly visitation of enough is enough shall happen in your life for good.I decree by the power of God that night seasons shall no longer linger in your life,you break forth into your morning. Receive grace to mount high to new level and do exploit.Your joy shall know no bound in Jesus name, amen !

TODAY'S TIP: Prayer clarifies your revelation and keeps you connected to the source of the vision - God


Wednesday, 18 January 2017


NUGGET: MALACHI 4:3; And ye shall tread down the wicked; for they shall be ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I shall do this, saith the LORD of hosts.Thank you Jesus!
My mouth shall be filled with praise to God and honour all day.I am blessed for God is my portion in the land of the living.I rejoice in the Lord always for he has turned the troubles of my heart into wonders and testimony.God's faithfulness and mercies is with me because he has exalted my horn with honour.I am fruitful, i increase abundantly and wax exceedingly mighty in his grace.my savor shall never be abhorred by my helpers of destiny.The Lord has made me a god over the heathen.My heart is satisfied in the likeness of God.By the word of the Lord i am kept from destroyers.I am well favoured. I declare that i am express image of God ,crafted for a divine purpose.The dominion of my morning is come. My feet is enlarged under me for victory. At God's right hand i have pleasures ever more.God has given his commandments of salvation over me.In the name of the Lord i mount up in victory.I am enriched in all things by God.Christ Jesus is my saving grace.The Lord taketh pleasure in me because i hope in his mercies,in Jesus name amen !

TODAY'S TIP: Success and happiness lies in you,resolve to be happy, and your joy and you shall form invincible host against difficulties.Happiness against all odds is a winning edge tool !



It's not just when you are not saved or in a problem that you need God,you need God just as you need your breath.your dear need for God makes you free of self .These words "GOD I NEED YOU" should be your daily desire and prayer. Giving yourself this constant reminder keeps you in check and equips your love for God.Infact it's the time when you feel things are going well for you that you need God most,it keeps you focus on eternity, it reminds you that its his grace that brought you thus far and his grace is your sustaining strength. When you let God know he is all you need ,he meets to all your physical needs.Never allow yourself get to that point in life that you feel it's all by your doing and you gradually begin to rule out God's place in your life. If you make God your priority he will make you his project and your life a testimonious wonder.when your life is founded in Christ and you put God first in all you do ,you have no fear of fall.keep letting God know how much you need him,how much his love means to you ,how much you can't do without him,and you will be amazed how he will turn your life around for good.There is no life outside God,God is life.you can't get enough of God.
Have you told God how much you need him today ? Yearn for God and let your desire for him never go down.Irrespective of where you are,who you are,what you are or have, you need God ! Let God know how much you need him before you place your needs before him,be rest assured that while you are still praying you've received answers .you need God !



NUGGET: PSALM 90:17;And may the Lord our God show us his approval and make our efforts successful. Yes, make our efforts successful! Thank you Jesus
I pray for that person right now receive divine direction to invest right, to plant seeds that will yield fruit and not get carried by floods of darkness. Anyone that has been experiencing losses i decree a divine turnaround for a recovery .The Lord shall direct you to the right kind of people that you will partner with in every aspect of your life.That over dew promotion ,the Lord shall speedy it up with a reward of double promotion. Whoever is on your case for evil either in your business or in your office ,the Lord shall smite them with his rod of fire.All the benefits of promotion ,all that you have been desiring to have, receive it now by the power of God.I rebuke by the blood of Jesus every spirit of back to zero level waging war against you.The work of your hands is blessed.The fruit of your labour you shall live to enjoy. You shall not be found wanting in the place of your celebration. I decree the heaven over all that you do open .Receive the right contact for productive outcome. You shall be blessed and you shall be a blessing. The Lord shall cause you to do valiantly in all your hands finds to do.Your arm shall be made strong by the hands of the almighty God.your season of exploit and multiple celebration is now in Jesus name,amen!

TODAY'S TIP: God is just a prayer away ,if he's your father call upon him !


Tuesday, 17 January 2017


There are many things we do that we get peoples appraisal but not God's validation.Don't get carried away when people praise you and tell you it's okay to do this or that without first first asking God or getting his validation about it.Too many this days get carried away doing the wrong things just because they get human praises while they are on about it.sometimes there are things so many do that deep inside, their conscience tells them it's wrong and even makes them uncomfortable in their spirit but because most times their focus seems to be shifted from  seeking God first to getting the praises of men they turn a deaf ear.Have you stopped to ask yourself do i have God's validation or approval as you go on in your daily activities ? Have you asked yourself these people i feel so comfortable with their appraisal is their way right with God(do this without judging anyone ,focus on the goal )? I tell you if God's frowns at it humans approval is zero .There is a way that seem right to you but the end thereof isn't God's desire for you.What's your priority is it God's approval or man praises ? Whatever you do should be to the glory of God.If there is anyone you should fear his judgement that should be your creator ,the giver of your life.
You can get peoples praises or approval based on favouritism ,emotions,benefits,out of gratitude and this can really be misleading but know this that God's approval or validation isn't based on any of this ,it is unconditional ,righteous, true ,just. He does everything for us having our best interest at heart because his thought for us is of good and not of evil to give us a hope and a future .Don't get swayed with peoples praise because with it the wrongs automatically feels right to you.please don't get comfortable with those things just because people say yes to it,God's validation is what puts you on the right track.When God says Yes or no or wait for a while trust his word because he is working everything out for your good and his love towards us is unconditional .so before you think to put the praises of people above his validation remember his unconditional love that made you who you are today .seek him first and all other things shall be added to you !



NUGGET: PSALM 31:24; Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.Thank you Jesus !
I pray for strength and courage upon someone right now.I decree upon you the graceful courage to stay ahead.The Lord shall lead you with his counsel out of your night season into a new dawn.I pray that you shall continue to rejoice in the strength Lord.I rebuke by the blood of Jesus whatever is bringing discouragement to your heart.I decree divine release and relief over every worry and heartache.I pray that your soul shall mot sink in troubled waters.God's face shall shine upon you in mercy. The Lord shall strengthen your heart and your hope shall not be dashed.I pray that the light of your life shall never go dim.I Lord is laying his hands upon helpers of your destiny to remember all their lost memories to show you kindness. The Lord shall keep you from falling.I decree by the power of God that your honour is removed from the dust and his oil of beautification shall crown you.With divine mercy you shall be raised.Receive grace for divine crafting that will make you stand out for greatness. Nothing shall but short your season of overflowing Joy in Jesus name,amen!

TODAY'S TIP: It is of the mercies of the Lord that we are not consumed for his compassion faileth not !


Sunday, 15 January 2017


NUGGET: Zechariah 8:12; For I will let the seed of peace be planted; the vine will give her fruit and the land will give her increase and the heavens will give their dew; and I will give to the rest of this people all these things for their heritage.Thank you Jesus !
Lord we thank you for a new week.i decree by the power of God in this new you enter into your new level.Every opportunity that was lost the Lord shall cause you to recover. where others are struggling the Lord shall make you fruitful indeed. I pray that you eyes shall be open to the path of solution God is directing you.The Lord shall show you his well of mercy and make you satisfied to the full.Gabages and tares of unfruitfulness i rebuke them out of your life.God's plan for you shall overrule every satanic desire against you.i pray that nations shall be blessed in you.The name of Jesus deliver you in peace from every battle that is against you.I decree by the power of God that you shall not be a talk of reproach among your neighbours.The Lord shall remember you with the covenant of blessings he made with Abraham. The Lord is positioning you for an enlargement of your coast The Lord is filling every emptiness that brought about dishonour in your life.Receive divine victory that silences shame and disgrace in Jesus name,amen !

TODAY'S TIP: Make your own wish ,stop desiring to have someone else's or have all that they have because you can never get comfortable in someone else's armour .God has a plan for you!



NUGGET: 2John 1:6;And this is love, that we walk after his commandments. This is the commandment, That, as ye have heard from the beginning, ye should walk in it.Thank you Jesus !
I Pray that holiness shall be your watchword.i pray that the fire of your altar shall not be quenched.i decree upon you the zeal for the things of God.I pray that your faith in Christ shall not be shaken. I pray that you shall experience a deeper fellowship with God. I pray upon you the grace to be spiritually watchful. I pray that your godly garment shall remain blameless by the precious blood of Jesus. I rebuke by the blood of Jesus whatever is diverting you from the things of God.The power of God shall deliver you from spiritual lethargy. Enemies of your shine shall be subjected to permanent disgrace .I pray that the Lord will remove every stony heart from you and give you a heart of flesh,a heart open and always ready to receive from him .For that person who seem to have lost their essence in life or of living,they shall find God and their identity shall be restored.Receive grace to grow in God's love.I pray that in your thoughts,conversations and action the name of God shall be glorified.I pray over your desires that it shall be things that draws you closer to God.I command whatever has stopped you from attaining great height to be pulled down by the power of God.Receive grace for a heart of total submission to God in Jesus name,amen!

TODAY'S TIP: Jesus is the answer to every struggle !


Saturday, 14 January 2017


It's true that in our daily lives we need God's grace for everything because on our own we can't do it,but many have developed the habit of using grace as an excuse to sin.Christ brought us grace so whatever we do should bring glory to God.Grace is God's riches at Christ expense,grace doesn't leave you were it met you rather it helps you out of those things you are struggling with.Grace doesn't guarantee you to sin,it helps you out of sin.stop repeating things that doesn't give glory to God using grace as an excuse ,the bible says submit yourself under the mighty hand of God rebuke the devil and he will flee.Your submission is a readiness of total surrender. Romans 6:1; shall we continue in sin and so that grace will abound God forbid.God forbid the hates,the continuous sinful lifestyle, God forbid the reckless behaviour. Grace abounds to uplift you out of the pit holes struggles.say no to sin using grace as an excuse.while depending on God's grace to help you ,you have to also take steps to be better.God's grace is sufficient to make you better.1peter 5:8; Be sober,be vigilant ,because your adversary the devil,as a roaring lion ,walketh about ,seeking whom he may devour .Don't Let that excuse you keep giving be a platform for devil to devour good things in your life.Even with the availability of grace stay watchful and do all you do to the glory of God.Grace uplifts ! Be the pillar that raise others to know Christ. Live a graceful lifestyle above the struggles and excuse of sin !


NUGGET: 2Samuel 23:5; The LORD will bless my descendants. That is because he has given a promise to me. And that promise will be for all time. He will not change his promise. And he will do what he has promised to do. That is all that I want. And he will keep me safe.Thank you Jesus !
I decree Joy,peace and love upon every family.Anything that is causing instability in that home i decree a calm by the power of God.I pray that the seed of every home the Lord shall establish, you shall have no reason to sorrow over any member of your family .The blood of Jesus shall speak better things into your family ,whatever went wrong in your family line is corrected by the blood of Jesus.I decree the discovery and fulfilment of purpose upon every family and household.The Lord shall remember you with the light of his countenance and cause your dark season to be over.i speak the spirit of the head and dominion over you and your family.what has caused tears to flow in that family shall become a thing of joy and testimony. Every seed of your home shall be accounted for greatness .your season shall be filled with resounding joy.The God of wonders shall visit your home with bountiful surprises.you and your household shall enjoy the depth of God's goodness.Nations shall rise to your light.your home shall enjoy sweetness in Jesus name,amen!

TODAY'S TIP: When God is involved, all is a process for victory.Trust the process, Grow the progress!


Friday, 13 January 2017


NUGGET: HAGGI 2:6,7 ;For thus saith the LORD of hosts; Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land; And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the LORD of hosts.Thank you Jesus !
I pray for anyone on a cross road the Lord will show you a path of solution .That battle that has kept you in that spot for too long,i decree a total end over it by the power of God.I decree that were you have stayed low you shall begin to mount high.Every bondage of addiction is broken by the power in the blood of Jesus.You shall be an influence of great works.By the power of God that transform you shall begin to live above remnant and small portions,the Lord is enlarging your coast.By the power in the blood of Jesus the yoke of unprofitable labour is broken .Where your strength has failed and given up I decree God's grace shall pick you up and beautify you. I decree that from henceforth all you lay your hands to do shall receive success and recognition. The blessings of God that will make you a glorious wonder receive it now. Every form of losses in your life the Lord is turning it to gain and full recovery.The Lord is releasing upon you his grace that uplifts in Jesus name, Amen!

TODAY'S TIP: Don't get so lost in yesterday that you fail to give today a great start !


Wednesday, 11 January 2017


NUGGET: ZEPHANIAH 3:17;The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.Thank you Jesus !
I am blessed of the Lord who made heaven and earth. I Live in right standing with by faith in Christ. I am not intimidated by the vile works of men because i walk in the light of God's word and faith.The devil has no hold over me because i have been bought with the price of the blood of Jesus. I reign in the dominion of fruitfulness. I lack nothing because God has commanded his word of replenishing upon me.I speak the graceful word of God.i manifest in the fullness of God's grace. I live my life in the fulfilment of the covenant of God's promise. My life has no room for sin because his grace has saved me from the struggles of pit holes.God's love abounds in my heart therefore i have no room for hate.My year is blessed with fruitfulness and overflow of God's mercies. Christ has been made a curse for me therefore ever curse me is broken and never prosper by the blood of Jesus. God's glory beautified my life.Everything i do yield increase because bareness is banished from my life forever.i do not sing the tales of the night anymore because the testimony of my morning is come on Jesus name,amen!

TODAY'S TIP: Look at every struggle as a ladder that shapes you for greatness.God is working things out !


Tuesday, 10 January 2017


NUGGET: HEBREWS 13:1,2;Let brotherly love continue.Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.Thank you Jesus !
I pray that your heart shall be opened to the things of God and to love others.I pray that God will give someone the right conscience to live honestly and peaceful.I rebuke by the blood of Jesus every manipulation that has caused you to drive away good people. Where your benefits are you shall not be found wanting.By the power of God i rebuke the stealers of Joy in your life .Whatever is polluting your heart to hate is taken out by the blood of Jesus.I speak over that life you shall not be slave to evil works.Any heart that is troubled whatsoever i decree peace upon it now.You shall continue to glow in the glorious light of God.your glory shall not be hidden.What men used to curse you shall become a testimony to honour you.The Lord shall keep you safe from the prey of darkness.The Lord shall deliver you from the pride of men.God's love shall continue to be your embrace in Jesus name,amen !

TODAY'S TIP: Be careful how you give in to second thoughts ,because sometimes it prevents you from taking that bold step something's requires you to do it now  !



When last did you think to pray for someone other than yourself and family? Do you have the feeling or notion that praying for others is a waste of time ?is it always about you ,yourself and yours? I tell you its about time you change such mentality or mindset because it is wrong.
Do you know that praying for others has a way of opening realms for your own doors.Do you know that might just be saving a soul or souls with that prayer.Do you know that life can be transformed by simply calling on God on their behalf.when you pray for others it simply shows that when God blesses you ,you won't only think about yourself and family but also about others.Instead of judging and criticising that person going astray why don't you pray for him/her .After someone tells you about what he/she is going through beyond material help do you pray for them not just that minute they are with you but also in your closet. It wont do you any harm if you pick a day to fast for persons or countries in crisis. Be sure or rest assured that as you are doing this God is working out yours without you mentioning it.God is looking for armies that will rise up for people, nations,countries,cities,towns and even villages with the influence of their faith and prayers,this depicts strength and selflessness. It's not just enough for you alone to enjoy knowing God ,influence others with your spiritual gifts because God has room for more ,this will definitely bring smile to God's face seeing you call on his name on behalf of others. That will be you manifesting the fruit of loving your neighbour as yourself. Stop talking about the problems and start praying about it. Jesus didn't die for one he died for all so every persons life is important. Romans 1:9; encourages us to mention others in prayers. Being a Christian or rather sons and daughters of the father isn't just about you but the impact you have on others using your spiritual gift. Take time today to pray for others and i see God breaking forth his light upon you in Jesus name, amen !

Monday, 9 January 2017


NUGGET: EZEKIEL 39:7; KJVLite So will I make my holy name known in the midst of my people Israel; and I will not let them pollute my holy name any more: and the heathen shall know that I am the LORD, the Holy One in Israel.Thank you Jesus!
I pray that the treasures in you shall begin to manifest.By the blood of Jesus i break every connection between you and family idols making demands on your life.Anyone that has been satanically subjected to poverty receive God's hands of deliverance and lifting.Enemies seated on your table of goodness shall drink the bitter water of death and destruction. I decree over someone by the power of God your life is delivered from every pot of bondage. Where you have been rejected the Lord shall raise you as corner stone. The testimony of your song shall change for good. I decree sweet and divine meditation upon your thoughts.By the mercies of God great ideas shall be birth forth in you that will bring you honour in great places.whatever has moved you away from your place of blessing i decree a divine relocation by fire.Evil arrows targeted at you shall all be misfired. I command every throne of iniquity over your life dethroned and never prosper again.i pray that peace begins to reign in countries. I pray for fruitfulness and productivity in the land in Jesus name, amen !

TODAY'S TIP: Stop the doubt and lack of confidence, you can be more.You have the limitless power of Christ in you !


Sunday, 8 January 2017


NUGGET: DEUTERONOMY 30:9; And the Lord your God will make you fertile in all good things, blessing the work of your hands, and the fruit of your body, and the fruit of your cattle, and the fruit of your land: for the Lord will have joy in you, as he had in your fathers.Thank you Jesus!
I decree that whatever has placed you in the wrong side of life is overturned for good by the power of God.Those that became friends with you just to pull you down the lord shall search them out with an open disgrace. I pray for the grace of God upon you to reach into the realm of spiritual insight.Whatever has been a thorn in your flesh to sap away your joy, i lift the standard of the name of Jesus against it.your wings of rising shall not be limited by any storm of life.with graciousness you shall excel.Where you've experienced close door of impossibility by the power of God i decree an open door of possibilities. The windows of heaven shall be continually open for an overflowing supply of all your desires.Where you have experienced failure the light of God is shining for a rising.i dews of heaven's drops upon you for fruitfulness. I pray that the Lord shall reign in you as over you. I pray that you shall be an influence to lead people to Christ in Jesus name,amen !

TODAY'S TIP: How well a plant grows depends on the watering and nurture.For a child of God your spiritual growth depends on the watering with the word of God and nurturing in prayers !



NUGGET: PSALM 72:3;Let the mountains bear prosperity for the people, and the hills, in righteousness! Thank you Jesus !
By the power in the blood of Jesus i cancel the spirit of divisions and scatterings .The Lord shall give you pastures in high places.I decree that all your accusers are driven out with God's breath of fire.Jesus is passing by your home and he is not leaving you without a touch. I decree the manifestation of a miraculous marvel in your life. I decree that the oil of God's goodness begins to run and overflow in your life.That Goliath situation shall become your promotion . Receive the mantle to breakforth.The Lord is turning every despise into honour in your life.I decree by the power of God that you shall have no cause to murmur and complain ,the Lord shall make you joyful and satisfied. As you go on in this week you shall be fruitful in the land of your affliction in Jesus name,amen!

TODAY'S TIP: The blessings of a man does not consist of how much he has but how well he can give !


Saturday, 7 January 2017


NUGGET: NUGGET: ISAIAH 45:3;I will give you the treasures of darkness and the hoards in secret places, that you may know that it is I, the Lord, the God of Israel, who call you by your name.Thank you Jesus !
I speak the blood of Jesus to cancel manipulations that will make your helpers frustrate you .By the power of God every yoke of satanic exchange of blessing is broken.As many that doesn't want you to eat the fruit of goodness the Lord shall cause his snare of judgement against them.I decree that your foot steps shall not be reproached.The hand of the Lord shall be turned against your adversaries for your good.Every water of sorrow wallowing your life is dried up.Confusion over that mind ,i decree peace peace be still .The Lord shall surround you with good things and great people.I decree that expiration date to all the hardship in your life is now.mercies that flows like a river shall envelope you and your household.where have been experiencing night seasons the Lord shall cause a break of a new dawn.I speak divine settlement into every area of your life In Jesus name,amen!

TODAY'S TIP: Stay true to who you are don't be driven by troubled waters !


Friday, 6 January 2017


NUGGET: ISAIAH 45:3;I will give you the treasures of darkness and the hoards in secret places, that you may know that it is I, the Lord, the God of Israel, who call you by your name.Thank you Jesus !
I speak the blood of Jesus to cancel manipulations that will make your helpers frustrate you .By the power of God every yoke of satanic exchange of blessing is broken.As many that doesn't want you to eat the fruit of goodness the Lord shall cause his snare of judgement against them.I decree that your foot steps shall not be reproached.The hand of the Lord shall be turned against your adversaries for your good.Every water of sorrow wallowing your life is dried up.Confusion over that mind ,i decree peace peace be still .The Lord shall surround you with good things and great people.I decree that expiration date to all the hardship in your life is now.mercies that flows like a river shall envelope you and your household.where have been experiencing night seasons the Lord shall cause a break of a new dawn.I speak divine settlement into every area of your life In Jesus name,amen!

TODAY'S TIP: Stay true to who you are don't be driven by troubled waters !



NUGGET: JOEL 2:23,24;“Be glad, O children of Zion, and rejoice in the Lord your God, for he has given the early rain for your vindication; he has poured down for you abundant rain, the early and the latter rain, as before.“The threshing floors shall be full of grain; the vats shall overflow with wine and oil.Thank you Jesus !
The Lord is releasing his angels to shut up the mouth of the lions of problems assigned against you. Those who have asked can any good thing come out of you shall witness your miracle and come and see.The Lord is setting up occasion for the manifestation of your glory.The power of God is rebuilding and repairing every crack in your life that has been vulnerable to the enemy.whatever has planted your feet on the wrong the wrong path ,by the power of God i decree a divine relocation.Your hands shall not receive demonized gift .By the power of God your glory shall not be traded for evil.Whatever is putting a mark of stagnation on your rising dies by the fire of the holy ghost.Every limitation to your celebration is cancelled. whoever has gone on an evil journey of sleep against you shall never see the dawn.Every good thing people have termed forgotten in your life ,by the mercies of God a new chapter is open for a testimony in Jesus name,amen !

TODAY'S TIP: The future doesn't start tomorrow it starts today because how well your tomorrow turns out depends on your doing today !


Thursday, 5 January 2017


There are testimonies in the bible of those people that believed against hope ,examples are  Abraham and Sarah,Hannah, Esther,Daniel, Job and some others .This people believed even when the situations seemed like a no no.
Whenever things come that challenges your faith that is God about to take the glory over that situation. Don't fret when things go against hope rather believe that God will step in and proof himself as God.Situations that challenges your faith is not to fret or fear but to trust God more.Hope maketh not ashame, you can never be put to shame when God is your trust.Your faith sustained and firm even when it seems like what you prayed for isn't coming forth is a sign of victory over that situation. Christ is our hope and in him our hope is renewed and that's why the devil keeps fighting and bringing things that will make us give up on our faith in Christ but know this that if nothing could hold Jesus down as a heir of the father according to the promise nothing can hold you down.The devil only have tricks and tactics he has no power against or over you, except he is given an access through sinful lifestyle but be rest assured that when you are In line with God's word and your faith is firm in him you are more than a conqueror,and also it's not of him that willeth nor of him that runneth but if the Lord that showeth mercy. Don't get pressured up by anything rather believe, cast your cares upon him,those toughest moment are the breakthrough point. When it seems like its about to get tough be sure to triumph In Christ. No matter the rage of the storm Jesus is the calm.what you see doesn't determine what God will do.Faith is not what you see you believe but rather what you believe you see.Against Hope ,Believe ! God is Able !



NUGGEET: HEBREWS 13:6; So we can say with confidence, “The Lord is my helper, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me?” Thank you Jesus !
I decree that i am fruitful in the land of my affliction.The Lord guides me to productivity by the skillfulness of his hand.My soul rest in God's unfailing love .I have divine ideas by the power of God.The Lord is my direction and my fountain of living.I have been bought with a precious price the enemy has no hold over me.The spirit of God makes me wiser than my enemies .I receive grace to incline my heart to wisdom and my heart to understanding. I excel graciously in all i set out to do.I have received Christ therefore i have the power to do exploit even to break pass impossibilities and limitations. I am born of the spirit and lead by the spirit.I bear witness of the light and unto truth.I break forth with singing and joyful lips.I swim in the overflow of God's mercies and his loving kindness overwhelms me.I drink of the rivers of God's pleasure and i am satisfied with his goodness.I have no doubt because my faith is fixed trusting in God ,Amen !

TODAY'S TIP: There is no other name under the heavens than the name of Jesus that is able to save and deliver !


Tuesday, 3 January 2017


NUGGET : ISAIAH 49:10; They will neither hunger nor thirst. The searing sun will not reach them anymore. For the Lord in his mercy will lead them; he will lead them beside cool waters.Thank you Jesus !
I decree your gate of blessing opened completely by the power of God.The Lord is summoning divine help to locate you. Seasons that will favour you begin to manifest.I decree the enveloping of God's power upon you that no evil can penetrate. Even in the midst of great people the Lord shall cause you to be honoured with preference. By the mercies of God your life shall not be the enemies foot mat. I pray upon you glory and beautification.All great opportunities you have ever been denied of begins to locate you now in double fold.I rebuke every summon of evil charge against you by the blood of Jesus. Evil record that has your name on it is burnt to ashes by the power of God.Negative news that will make you run helter skelter this year is cancelled by the power of God. satanic mark on your belongings is cleared off by the blood of Jesus.Whatever is fighting against you from your foundation is destroyed by the power in the blood of Jesus.I decree that you shall not be separated from your helpers of destiny.i decree that your season of dancing and celebration has come in Jesus name,amen !

TODAY'S TIP: No matter how well you always have things mapped put for yourself, God always have the final say !



There is nothing too big or too small to ask for the help of the holy spirit.When you ask the holy spirit for help you can never be mislead because the holy spirit is the spirit of truth so every leading he gives is the way of truth.Don't limit the holy spirit with your mind or to something. The holy spirit is not to be tested rather maximise the privilege of knowing the holy spirit.Bank on him,rely on him,trust in the holyspirit,fellowship with the holy spirit, let the holy spirit have his way in everything you do ,let the holy spirit be that confidant you seek and desire .For you to keep a constant fellowship with the holyspirit you have to be submissive because the ways of God are not the ways of man,so you have to be ready to yield to the holyspirit even when it doesn't seem to make sense.There is alot the holyspirit can teach you if you are submissive,it shows the extent to which you love and desire the continuity of his fellowship.The holyspirit os the best guide and guard.If you in doubt ask the holyspirit,before you take that decision ask the holyspirit and you will never go astray.
When Jesus was talking about his ascension up to heaven he told his disciples of sending the comforter which is the holyspirit and he will guide us in all truth.so you  can't have the holyspirit and still be comfortless.The holyspirit is not just for a season,a time or for a moment,the holyspirit is for always .When you bank (rely) on the holyspirit for everything ,everything about your life becomes beautiful and in line with God's plan.The holyspirit relieves you of the stress and strain you will have to go through doing it with your own power .The holyspirit helps you to live a life and walk in the path that is pleasing to God.The holyspirit never dissapoints.Don't go ahead of the holyspirit rather let the holyspirit go and ahead of you and lead you in the path of truth.Make a quality decision today to always ,continually and completely bank on the holyspirit !



NUGGET: ISAIAH 62:4; You will not now be named, She who is given up; and your land will no longer be named, The waste land: but you will have the name, My pleasure is in her, and your land will be named, Married: for the Lord has pleasure in you, and your land will be married.Thank you Jesus !
By the blood of Jesus i rebuke shame through any means. The Lord is filling someone's spiritual and physical thirst with his goodness.What you have laboured for in the past years shall come to you with ease of fruitfulness. Where you have lost before now ,you shall begin to experience an overflow of gain.Your step shall not slide in your walk of destiny.whatever has beguiled you before now the Lord shall release his warring angels against them.I decree a divine arrangement for a heavenly settlement. Receive the grace that speaks louder than disgrace.you are blessed with fruitful living.whatever will not give way for your rising collide with the rock of ages.The Lord shall position you for a divine shift for a new level. Good things that have crumbled in your life are rebuilt now by the power of God.Enemy of your rising receive a bitter curse of death and destruction. This year things shall work for you and not against you. The Lord shall cause you to gain new ground of promotion. I rebuke the spirit of wrong steps and decision by the blood of Jesus. I speak over your going out and coming in fruitfulness. No matter how difficult others complain of things,you shall be fruitful .your caged blessings and benefit are released in Jesus name,amen!

TODAY'S TIP: Have an open heart and a positive mindset !


Sunday, 1 January 2017


NUGGET: PSALM 69:13; But as for me, my prayer is to you, LORD, in an acceptable time. God, in the abundance of your loving kindness, answer me in the truth of your salvation.Thank you Jesus !
Lord thank you for a new day,we are alive because you have a purpose for our living therefore I decree that the purpose of your living shall not be wasted.I decree that where you have been placed low the Lord shall lift you.Those that have mocked your faith shall come to serve your God.I decree that you shall manifest on the seat of your glory.I decree by the power of God that you will begin to experience an overflow of speedy recovery. It shall be said of you and everyone around you the Lord has wrath great things.where you've been seated small the Lord shall raise you tall in dominion. Your divine helpers shall not be too busy to remember you. Whatever held you down in previous years I decree the chains of those limitation broken by the power of God.You shall not fall, the strength of God's right hand shall lift you.In God's pleasure he shall release his favour upon you. Receive the uncommon oil for ease.I decree that everyday shall come with an achievement of great things in your life in Jesus name,amen!




NUGGET: PSALM 69:13; But as for me, my prayer is to you, LORD, in an acceptable time. God, in the abundance of your loving kindness, answer me in the truth of your salvation.Thank you Jesus !
Lord thank you for a new day,we are alive because you have a purpose for our living therefore I decree that the purpose of your living shall not be wasted.I decree that where you have been placed low the Lord shall lift you.Those that have mocked your faith shall come to serve your God.I decree that you shall manifest on the seat of your glory.I decree by the power of God that you will begin to experience an overflow of speedy recovery. It shall be said of you and everyone around you the Lord has wrath great things.where you've been seated small the Lord shall raise you tall in dominion. Your divine helpers shall not be too busy to remember you. Whatever held you down in previous years I decree the chains of those limitation broken by the power of God.You shall not fall, the strength of God's right hand shall lift you.In God's pleasure he shall release his favour upon you. Receive the uncommon oil for ease.I decree that everyday shall come with an achievement of great things in your life in Jesus name,amen!