Thursday, 1 September 2016


Each time you go through an experience or hear of someone else's either good or bad what do you learn from it.A good attitude towards every experience should be to learn from it. A good experience shouldn't make you relent on your drive towards fulfillment, neither should a bad experience get you  depressed or hinder you from reaching your goal. Now take a minute  and look back at all the experiences you've had in life and ask yourself; what has it thought me?
When you learn from experiences having a positive mindset it makes you grow to become a better person.In "Hebrews 5:8" even Jesus went through all the sufferings to learn and He is now sitted at the right hand of God. He is our perfect example.
    Let that experience push you to be a better person. Let it be a tool and a platform for you to say: I'm not quitting,I must fulfill my destiny. Be positive minded about all experiences only then can you learn from it,grow and take it towards the right path.
   Choose today to let that experience shape you for good.If that experience is to teach you, the question is how much are you ready and willing to learn  ? What is your attitude about it?
Make up your mind to be an example of greatness from that experience. God will never take you through it without seeing you through it and He hasn't gone back on His word of promise about you which are of good and not of evil.
Don't let that experience make you who you are not rather make it what you want and be better than ever!


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