Wednesday, 7 December 2016


How often do you tap into the grace,celebrate or even sow when you see things that you desire in others.I hear someone ask how does that work?
When you see a man of God who has the kind of grace and anointing you desire in calling and ministry what do you do? Do you celebrate or envy them ? Do you sow into the ministry (either by buying message CDs,supporting the ministry project and so many other ways) ,do you know that by doing this you are also paving the way for yourself in this area. You have been praying to have children  ,yet when you see other peoples kids you have no compassion whatsoever, not even a sorry when a child is crying beside you,you feel reluctant to celebrate with others during there child dedication. Have you tried taking up the responsibility of someone's child that you even barely know,do you know that you can challenging God by doing this.stop having a selective mindset towards children, love every child you never know the child that carry's the grace that will bring about your own miracle.
You out  there that desire to have good partner and a peaceful home, stop wishing ill to those who are happily married,celebrate with friends getting married, buy gifts for them.Everyone has their own timing don't be sorrowful or envious of anyone rather tap from their grace by wishing them well so God can go ahead of you to pave the way for yours.
What is that thing you so desire and you see in others,is it spiritually, materially, financially, career wise,family goals In whatever ramification don't grumble ,envy or badmouth when you see others that have them rather develop an habit of celebrating,being a blessing,praying for them,sowing seed(if it is something that requires you to sow) and taping from there grace in every way possible.don't be anxious about anything rather table your request to God with prayer and Thanksgiving. The fact that those desires haven't been met doesn't mean they won't be met ,be rest assured that when your time comes yours will be the whilst you are waiting on God to grant your desires ,learn to celebrate with others especially those whom God has blessed with similar desires and definitely you will be celebrated.let their celebration be your celebration because same God that did theirs will do yours.Don't wait for yours to come before you celebrate ,let the celebration start now.celebrate even in your wait, don't let the devil plant evil seeds in your heart. Yours will without doubt come because God is never too late or too early he is always on time but while you wait be a blessing to what you desire!

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