Monday, 19 December 2016


Walk in faith no matter the odds,walking in faith is walking with God this simply means no matter what happens you still strongly believe that God's word stands.The word impossible is just a limitation of the mind.One with God is always a majority. Don't let the devil fool you or deprive you of your rights by telling you that you can't .I just want to encourage someone out there that has gone through or is going through so much ordeal that you feel like giving up ,just remember there is a God that can turn things around.Those rough routes are paths you have to go through to get to your destination.The things you experience on that path are what build you and makes you stronger ,they are the making process and refining moments.
So no matter what the devil throws at you have faith in God who is always there to to catch you,raise you and make you stronger. Walk the faith walk and talk the faith talk,it puts the devil in misery.
As far you have God as your father and trust ,you are on the right track cos he will never allow your foot to dash against a stone.Don't bend to the devils pleasure when God has given an everlasting covenant of promise with so much more.stop depending on your ability rather depend on his grace and the hollow of his hands shall keep you secure.What you are going through doesn't define you neither can it be measured up to what God has for you.Don't magnify the situation above God rather magnify God above the situation and he will melt the troubles of your heart with his hand of solution. God's word of promise beats the odds,his word can't return to him void.God is the God of all possibilities !


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