Sunday, 4 December 2016

The future the fears and your FAITH IN GOD

The fear of the future have caused so many to make hasty decisions in life and brought them back to zero point but have you pushed yourself to having so much faith in the one(God) who knows the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end.It's high time you starve your fears and feed your faith Instead.Have faith that beautiful things abounds in your future according to God's promise for major thing that makes many so scared about the future is lack of faith,there is a kind of peace that floods your heart when you have faith in the one that owns the future and holds your life.Start claiming the promises of God about the future and as much as you work towards your future have so Much faith as well. When you let your faith arise above your fears God goes ahead to work things out.when you desire a great future run with a purpose and remember that purpose can only be found in Christ.stop worrying about the challenges that might come up rather discover yourself through them and find strength in God to grow even in the pain.Don't panic about the future but I urge you to pray and have faith, the strength of your believe has so much positive reflection in your starts with believing in God,then in yourself and also in your dreams,don't forget to also have the visions written and run by it.The inability to settle your unknown future in the hands of a known and evident God will keep fears popping up.stop measuring your life by the standards of men,God has desires ,plans and thoughts for you that outweighs your imagination.The moment you realise this ,then you will know it's not just about the struggle but his grace.Faith is what you need to unlock the doors of impossibility even in your endeavors. Your heart believes ,your mouth confesses faith and everything works out productively well.Depend on God as your source and you will never lack with those that give you good and Godly counsel(proverbs 15:22),it will help you in the pathway of life.what area of your life do you fear about the future,I encourage you to walk with God and let your faith arise and you will never regret are the light of the world ,when you walk with God your light will never go dim.know your worth because when you know your worth every unbelieve dies .your worth is what your are worth to God.Don't predict the future but pray about it and have faith that it will turn out right because God is in it.There are many desires in a mans heart but only the counsel of the Lord will stand because he knows what's best for you. Quit the fear and kick off the faith engine.Aside praying and working towards a great future,your future needs faith as a feed,a heart that believes in God for all things and in all things.If God kept you to this time is because he has plans for you,so don't doubt or fear just have faith God will turn it for your good.His plan for you is to give you hope and a future.Have faith your future is sure and secured in God !

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