Monday, 26 December 2016


It is true that there are times when we reach the breaking point and you feel crushed but it's not an excuse to stay down.No matter how many times you've been crushed tell yourself it's time to get up and push further because there are destinies connected to you and awaiting your manifestation so it's not time for you to give up.see beyond the barriers ,break pass the limits,dust off the's time to rise and shine ,say to yourself this is not my end,it's not over until God declares it so ,the world hasn't heard the best of me.
You are about to breakforth into your morning, your season is here draw strength from God's grace.Others may have written you off but God is writing a new chapter of great manifestation for you. It doesn't matter who gave up on you along the way as far God hasn't given up on you. Let those bumps be steps and ladder to your new are not a failure,your testimony of victory over that storm is what someone is awaiting to encourage them to reach for their purpose and snap out of self doesn't matter how many sorry you have been told ,God's release of unending congratulations is wiping out those tears. Hold on your miracle is here .Erase the negativity and focus on God.separate yourself from those who make you feel like trash ,put on a smile and stay hopeful. If nothing could hold Jesus down,say to yourself I'm not gonna let anything hold me down.Walk in the victory of Christ ,You are not defeated !

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