Friday, 30 December 2016


Most times most people crossover into a new year with so much consciousness of carrying over all the things  that happened in the  previous year and it becomes more like a repetition of the previous year.
Don't think about how the new year will go rather pray,plan and work towards it.The fact that things didn't work out in the previous year or things didn't go smoothly doesn't mean it won't work out in the new year.Mark a difference between the previous year and the new year with proper meditation and you will definitely make a difference. Don't struggle with your strength cos you might end up in the circle of same thing,rather let God in and let him take the lead.let go of the pain,grudge,heartache,thought of impossibility and negativity of previous years, release the burden of your heart to God.How you start the year matters a lot so set your heart on positive things.more than anything believe,have faith,be confident that God is able .so let go of every worries and Lay hold on his promise.Don't relive previous year grow into a new level.Don't let the devil tell you otherwise, believe that you are more than this because God has made you beyond limits. So grow ,increase and let your coast be enlarge.If you mourn yesterday in today it will deprive you from living the new day to the move away from yesterday and live your today in victory and the sky will be your starting point.make it a new year not only in words but in action ,attitude and in all ramifications .Don't pour a new wine in an old bottle. Don't tell the tales of the night when you should be singing the new song of the morning. Crossover but don't carry over!


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