Sunday, 23 October 2016


A review in this context means a reassessment There is always a need to do a reassessment of one self or life,it could be within a minute in a day,in a week ,in a month or overall a year.A review could be about the past present or future.The ability to review things about yourself or life helps you grow,it helps you realize those places lacking in your life,it enables you refuel your enthusiasm.
There is a need to review your fellowship with God,because you might just have gotten too busy with vanities that you now give less time to the things of eternity,so you just have to get back in track. There is a need to review the tempo of your prayer life.There is a need to review the kind of friends and relationship you keep,does it add value to you. There is a need to review the progression in which your life is going,and you ask yourself does it align with God's plan and purpose for me.I tell you there is a need to review ,reaccess,evaluate and effect for might have been trying to do a particular thing for so long,don't you think there is a need to review the steps you are taking as regards it.when things are going well there is a need to review because you can be better,when things aren't going well there is a need to review because it can be better and there is a need to effect a change that can bring about a turn around.
When you review it helps you plan or replan and refire .Review doesn't mean that you have to re-live your yesterday but it is a sure sign that you crave to be better.A review might sometimes bring some hurtful or painful memories, but it is necessary so such things don't repeat itself or make you fall into any mistake.Remember a review is  not only about the past but also of the present and future.Doing it consistently helps you avoid mistakes, errors or miscalculated steps, and helps you weigh your words.
In every review there is a place to replan and refire and most importantly get God involved more than ever,be more open to what he has for you and what he wants to do in you and through you. If you crave to be better than your now,there is a need to review so you don't repeat the wrongs or mistake .
Don't allow yourself to be caught up in a busy schedule with no profit(spiritual or physical).when you feel the zeal,passion,enthusiasm, motivation is dying down, the question is when last did you do a review ? When last did you reassess your plan? A review can help you discover and recover .There is a need to review that family line,and pray the kind of prayers that will effect a change.Before or after every review there is need to keep a constant fellowship with God,there is always an important need to pray about the things you reviewed on so there can be possibility for growth and increase.If you crave for a new level there is a need for a review, prayers and plans to effect the desired change !


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