Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Every product goes through a process and how well the process goes and how well it's able to shape you determines the finishing or how best the product comes out .
Processes are faith builders especially when orchestrated by helps build your strength and furnish you to a better person,it helps you to be more dependent on God than man or challenges do not come your way to make you feel downcast,sorrowful or make you loose your dignity but rather challenges are there to help shape you and prepare you for what lies ahead .Every glory has a story and the story is the process. Today choose be in control of that challenge ,let it shape you to the right direction. The process is there to help you learn.This was what God told the children of Israel through moses in Deuteronomy 8:2,3; that the reason he took them through all the process was to teach them some certain things,if you read through to the end you will see that God was also taking them through the process so they know that they need God on their best days as much as they needed him in the challenging times ,too bad they didn't still understand what God was teaching them through the process they allow the challenges get the best of them.The process helps you know God in  diversity.stop looking at things from a negative direction, you won't be able to see what God is trying to teach you.change your mindset and perspective about those challenges and you see things begin to align towards the right direction. Yes it may be very tough but when you stop trying to do things your own way and submit to God he shines his light of solution on you,it may look like it's taking time for things to fall in place but remember that God is always on time. Never let challenges control you but rather stand firm in Christ and take charge. Don't let challenges draw you out of his presence, hold on to God he will show you deep and secret things. Nobody said the road will be easy but he didn't bring you this far to leave you. There is always something to learn in that challenge, there is always a place of growth and building stronger faith, there is a place of knowing you can leave without every other thing except God because in him you live,move and have your's all a process of becoming, it helps you discover potential you never knew you had,it makes you dogged and builds the resilience spirit within you.
Never try to skip the process,submit yourself to God's leading. Oftentimes when people try to skip the process they end you going back to the scratch. Be open to what God has for,what God is taking your through(the process) and where is taking you to (destination). Your process leads to your destination, how well you are able to allow God break and remold you in that process determines how things turn's out.Remember God will never give you what is bigger than you.Don't challenge God with your challenges rather challenge your challenges with God because God is bigger than your challenges. Romans 8:38 says: for we know that all things works together for good to them that love God and are called according to his purpose. The first step to coming out triumphantly is first knowing God and loving him despite though you may encounter challenges but be rest assured that God is aligning all for your good because you have been called according to his purpose. It's not about what you feel the circumstances looks like but it's about what God is doing or going to do through it.The process is a time of self discovery and unveiling of purpose. Make the best out of your present state and be the best you can.don't sign yourself off its all part of God's plan for a greater purpose.The process ,the purpose ,the product.Hold on to God you will get there!


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