Wednesday, 5 October 2016


The devil is a thief and his plan is to kill,to steal and to destroy but Christ has come that you might have live and have more abundantly(including Joy).The devil's plan is to steal away your Joy because if he can get you feeling down and sad he has gotten hold of your day. Stop letting the devil get into your mind and thought with the aim of stealing your joy.when those trouble time comes ,know that God is onshore and he will not leave you to yourself.why not begin to give him the highest praise and mesmerize the devil to confound the devil.The devil knows that when you are sad,it cripples you from communicating with your father in heaven, he knows that it kills your drive.Today let the joy of the Lord flow through you and get your enemies confused.The joy of the lord gives you strength and renewed hope for each day.
What sorrow does is set your mind only towards the negative, but joy channels you towards a positive direction,opens you up to opportunities ,it helps you appreciate the breath of life which some wish they had unaided and here you have it freely.
The bible says joy comes in the morning, stop waking up with a burdened and sorrowful have to realise that everyday is made by God ,so devil has no right or control over your day and over your life including the expression of Joy.Be glad in the Lord and rejoice.let your heart be filled with songs of rejoicing. In (psalm 33:1;47:1;66:1:100:2) the bible tells us that it is the desire of God to see His children joyful always and expressive of that joy even in His presence.Also in (Philippians 4:6;Luke 12:25) the word of God is encouraging us to quit worry .how has worry helped that situation? I believe the answer is no way. If you can choose to rejoice in and over that circumstance, that is the winning way,that is you shining victoriously against the devils when next the devil gives you reason to be all down and out, let him know you have so many reason to be thankful and joy in the holyghost.Rejoice evermore, praise through it all,stop self pity worry and sorrow.let the holy ghost comfort you into the season of unending joy.
Don't stop expressing the is your strength as a child of is a strong weapon of victory against all odds.choose to sing for joy,shout for joy and keep expressing the joy of the holyghost!


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