Wednesday, 5 October 2016


Have you ever been in that kind of situation, where you allow a particular desire to take over your conscience to sin.That was the case of David in 2samuel 11:1-27;12:1-24. Don't you think that thing you are trying to get by a crooked and ungodly means ,God can give it to you if you ask him and he knows that you are are in need of it.Beware don't lust overwhelmingly after things that will cut short your destiny or bring you to a place of destruction. There are always consequences for every action,especially when you go ahead of God to do something outside His will .God has everything planned out for your life,he knows what is right for you and he makes it happen at the right time.The reason why you keep struggling over something and is not forth coming is because you are trying to get what God has not given you. David had everything and he wanted more, all he needed to do was to ask and if God saw that the desire was needful ,he would definitely had given it to him but he allowed his lustful desire overwhelm his heart to sin.David was a king that inquired all things from God before taking any step but just this one unnecessary and needless desire and he missed it  .
I really don't know what it is you are struggling to get at this time of your life ,remember there is a process to everything in life and if God is not in your plan then you don't have a plan.God knows your needs in order of priority more than you do ,so don't let the devil overwhelm you with a lustful desire. Wait on God's timing,he is never too late and never too early he is always on time.In 1samual 12:8 God spoke to David through prophet Nathan reproving him of his wring doing,telling him that he knows his needs and desire,and if there was anything more that he needed he(God) would have given him.God knows the right proportion to meet our needs and heart desire ,so whatever those excesses are bring them before God and he will place them in your life at the right time.Stop! Taking a humanly inspired move.The word of God says they that are lead by the spirit are the sons of God.Let God approve of those desires .The fact that it satisfies the flesh for the moment doesn't make it right .The question you should ask yourself is does God approve it,are you sure after fulfilling that desire you can still go to the presence of God unashamed.Beware of that one desire that will truncate your destiny.Let the engrafted word of God be established in the table of your heart and help you place those desires right.serve the Lord with fear And rejoice with trembling. If that desire persist and you know it's wrong,submit yourself to the help of the holy spirit and resist the devil. Take that thought captive to the obedience of Christ(2cor10:5).if the desire is against God's spoken and written word you have to abolish it,it's not a right desire.keep your mind fixed on Christ and he will exalt you in due don't have to hurt anyone to get to that height because promotion is from God.Don't let the devil devour your life with that desire.It is one thing to have a desire ,it's another thing for God to approve your need for it either at that moment, later or never. Trust God's decision for your life,it is the best.Let your desires glorify God !

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