Saturday, 22 October 2016


NUGGET: James 4:6 But he gives more grace. Therefore it says, “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.”Thank you Jesus!
I pray for the spirit of humility and the fear of God upon you. I pray that you shall work in the graciousness of humility. I pray that you shall experience the joy of marital bliss, your spouse shall not be a source of sorrow.Affliction from your root and youth ends now by fire.I pray that God shall desire your dwelling. I pray that you heart shall be pleased to dwell in unity.I pray that your hands shall always be lifted up in holiness in his sanctuary.I decree that great light shall shine forth for you in every place.The Lord shall posses your reins.The Lord shall lead you in the  way everlasting. I decree that every unrighteous and wrong foundation is pulled down,the Lord shall rebuild you in righteousness. The Lord shall cause the allies of your enemies to cease in Jesus name,Amen!

TODAY'S TIP:The purpose of argument is to change the truth.stand for what you believe and avoid all form of argument!


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