Thursday, 27 October 2016


There is an attractiveness that the things of the world hold to many,few people are able to discern the life span of this attractions.many have been carried away by this temptation and have lived to regret.As christians we should recognize that the glory of this world maybe alluring or tempting but it's nothing compared to the glories of eternity(heaven). One of the things that makes the glory of this world so alluring is that our eyes are not set on the eternal goal of heaven and on the person of Christ.The glory of this world may appear to you in any fashion or form but you must be well prepared to discern it and never to allow it take a seat in your heart.
The question you and I should ask is; how do we overcome the enticement of the glory of this world. The glory of this world may present itself to you as; outright sin or sinful pleasure, fame,money,accumulation of material things ,doing normal thing against God's is only as you look to Jesus constantly that you can constantly resist the lure of the things of this world. Please examine yourself constantly whether you are already serving the God of this world or if you just merely professing Christ without his life in you.The problem of the love of the world is a universal problem of the church today but make sure it's dealt within in your life.satanic lures God's children by any means; by our love,by our circumstances or by our needs.A quick look into Matthew 4 ,you will see that Jesus had a need and the devil explored it .The enemy who is the devil could even use who you are In God to pose a temptation to you like he used the sonship of Christ in tempting time. At the time of temptation your depth and understanding of the word of God is what will deliver you.we should be careful how we use the authority and power that we have so we don't use it against the will of God ,sometimes we use what we have against the will of God. No matter where you are be watchful of temptation,know by the word of God what you are permitted or not permitted to be involved in.Be careful in using the blessing God has given you for your own purpose thereby leaving God out of  it.There is always a temptation to show your wisdom, knowledge and understanding and strength but you must keep asking yourself what Jesus would have done in such situation. The understanding of God's word is what matters in the phase of temptation. Always be careful of your passions and pursuit and always examine them in the light of God's word.Are you pursuing the glory of God or the glory of the world?
All the things of the world have there allurement but what matter is of you have the understanding that there is a creator whose glory is exceeding far great than that of his creation.Jesus replied everytime with the word,this shows us the importance of continuous chewing and tarrying in the word of God.
Form resistance through God's word, is important  if we are to continue in victory over Satan's wills and activities. The glory of the world will pass away,as a Christian you should always remember this fact; what you are presently worshiping or what you worship is what you give your time ,your person and your resource .To make sure you don't fall into the temptation of the world,you must constantly re-examine your priorities. Seek freshly baked word daily from heavens oven .we must always make sure our worship is directed to God. 1John 2:15; tells us that the love of should exceed all.Don't let anyone tell you that the world is not attractive because it is ,if not people won't fall in love with it.The bible enjoins us to be careful to avoid loving the world or the things of the world.we should understand that those things that attract us are the things of the world and we should make sure we understand their place in our life.As you give into the world the love of the father is stifled out of your life.The love of the world and the love of God can not dwell together.  2Timothy 4:10; tells us that we should be careful so that we are not carried away .how do you keep secured from the lure of the world; you hunger and thirst(Matthew 5:6),prayer( Ephesians 6:18),fasting, word of God(study,read(Joshua 1:8),meditation),maintaining a praiseful attitude in all circumstances (psalm 118:1).
Stay connected to God!

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