Tuesday, 11 October 2016


A seed is a foundation builder.what a seed does or doesn't do has alot to do with what a generation becomes.psalm 22:30 says; a seed shall serve him it shall be accounted to the Lord for a generation.This simply means that we are seeds and we account for a generation. What you do,how you live your life determines what becomes of your generation. Every person is a seed ,we set the pace for our generation. The foundation you lay as a seed can either bless your generation or cause them to suffer. As a seed what type of foundation are you laying for your generation(born and yet unborn).Do you realize that you account for a generation,so whatever you are doing doesn't only affect you but it's a foundation being laid for your generation. Are you laying a foundation that will make your generation bless you or regret having you as a seed.so many are suffering and in pain because their seed laid the wrong foundation,while some  are enjoying the great legacy and foundation their seed(those before them) left behind.
It is easy to blame seeds(parents,grand parents, ancestral parents) for the wrong they did,but my question is; what are you doing different from what they did to make your generation a blessed one. You are a seed ,a foundation builder,a pace setter,a leader, you set standards for others to follow,your generation is waiting to run with your vision.
As a seed the best way to build the right foundation is to first make Jesus your foundation and in him you live,move and have your being.you can only have a blessed,solid and successful foundation when you lay your foundation in Christ. Realise your place and worth as a seed,don't just exist, live! Make a mark! Build the right foundation for your generation! .Even though the seeds before you  didn't live right ,you are now a seed you can correct those mistakes .That family lineage can turn for the better because of a seed that decides for a change and lays the right foundation. It's about time you rise up as a seed for your generation. Make things right,live right, most of all serve God because only God can cause greatness in that generation,only him can bring that generational blessing and cause fountain of living water to flow through your generation. A seed doesn't live a nonchalant life because you don't just live for yourself ,you account for a generation. What are you doing to make your generation better than you .we can boast today of Abraham because he was a seed that laid the right foundation of faith which brought about generational blessing and this generation are called seeds of Abraham. What foundation are you laying or have you laid that will make your generation speak well and boast about you.According to Galatians 3:29 ; when you are in Christ you are not just an ordinary seed but you become a blessed seed and a heir according to his promise ,this means you have the privilege of enjoying the generational covenant of blessing.
You are a seed ,build your foundation in Christ and you will never sink!


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