Sunday, 16 October 2016


In 1corithians 1:27; the bible say God uses the foolish things to confound the wise, but I guess Naman didn't understand this principle .In 2king 5:1-15; Naaman was a man who was desperate for miracle but when the solution to the problem came he felt  and thought with His physical intellect that it was too common to bring about a miracle but thank God that he didn't ignore the words of the servants who encouraged him to yield to prophet Elisha's divine instruction and he was healed.
It so happens that so many has weighed and commonized those things that God brought there way as solution to their problems and in the process they missed a great fortune and a life time turn around.Like Naaman some have asked God why not this or that forgetting that God is all knowing ,He uses the imperfect to cause perfection. What are those things you have commonised that Would have brought about your change of story and situation? Do you still commonise those people God has placed around you to be a connecting dot to your extraordinary (miracle) ? How are you sure God hasn't answered your prayers but you fail to see it because you feel it's too common to make the extraordinary happen.
Most times people go to church having so much expectations but yet they see as common the place of opening prayer ,praise and worship ,even the place of announcement can't be could even be that ushers warm welcome of "God bless you" that will make that difference in your life but you refuse to respond. Don't forget that God can use anyone to speak that single word of solution that will change your situation. The fact the it's not the pastor standing before you to give the word doesn't make God's name less powerful. God is Not a man,he sees things differently, His thoughts are different, so when he touches the common he makes it extraordinary.Do you still put your opinions ahead of God's divine instructions and direction,just because you feel the solution is too common to cause a major breakthrough. Those things you call common are the connecting dots for the extraordinary. What if the servants were not there to encourage him, that's how Naaman would have missed the single chance of getting his long awaited miracle.Are you still referring God to your will ,options and opinions when you should be yielding to His own direction. God's ways are past finding, don't try to understand what God is telling you ,just yield.obedience is better than see it common but God see's it extraordinary, you see it trashed God sees it treasured,you see it neglected but God sees it new,you see it misfortune but God sees it most fortunate.Ask God to help you see through His eyes because only then can you understand the mystery of His ways.when the eyes of your understanding is open,then you will understand that it's not about how you see it but how God sees it and what he can make of it.God doesn't need the perfect rather he qualifies the imperfect for perfection. If God is giving the lead don't see it common because something big and extraordinary is about to break forth. Value it even more when it looks like it's coming to in a common form,you never know what God is about to make of it.Watch out for those common things ,it could be God's way of reaching out to you.A common past or present can become an extraordinary future of greatness. Nothing is common especially when God is in it. Appreciate the common and see them become extraordinary!


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