Sunday, 30 October 2016


In 2peter 3:18; you will see that every child of God is encouraged to grow in grace .Growing in something or anything means there are level and dimensions to that thing.Grace is God's riches at Christ expense.Grace is the empowerment by the spirit and the word to be more like Jesus. Grace is what we crave for when we are guild laden.Grace is our only hope when the future darkens over us.Grace is God's love in action towards us when we merit the opposite.Grace can only be gotten and multiplied by knowing Jesus.
To enter into the depth of knowing God you need to embrace the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ so that you can experience the Love of God and the Communion of the holy spirit. You grow in grace means to increase in Christlikeness through God's unmerited favour.Have you settled on a point and stopped growing in grace? I tell you there are more level of grace to grow.Growing in grace means accepting more and more of what God has provided. Does all your prayer/bible study and communion still make sense to you or are you still drawing life from it or has it become stale.if God should check the level of growth and open yours what will it be? What does your life say to others is it showing the resplendence of grace or the effort and  struggle of works .Are you growing in grace or you still have the voice of the accuser ringing in your head  and telling you that you are not good enough.Grace is not about being good enough. Grace is not about been good but about receiving God's fact in faith and experiencing the awesomeness of realities.Today you must experience grace and be a carrier of grace .Growth is essential, growth is expected,growth commanded.Growing in grace require you to grow in knowledge and understanding of God's word.Growing in grace is understanding the work of Christ perfected for you by his death and resurrection.
Knowledge opens you up to different levels and access of grace.Christ is the author and the finisher of our faith and should be our focus as we grow in grace.Growing in grace is not about comparison or about who is holier or righteous but about who has allowed the spirit of God to wrestle with them personally and win.sir/ma ,standing still in this world and not growing in Christ is very dangerous. To avoid the danger of standing still we must strive to grow in grace bringing out and producing Christlike fruits.Christ has paid for it ,all you have to do is to be open to more and more in receiving his grace.The mark of growing in grace is that Christ reigns more and more in your life and he is lord .
Growing in grace is a choice but for a Christian who is serious abut heaven that choice must be turned into necessity .Growing in grace is not by your power but by the spirit and power of God in action in your life .No matter what level you are in,give glory to God and strive higher.As Christians we should know that growing in grace gladdens and brings Joy to the heart of the father and glorified him.In Ephesians 4:29-31 you will see there the hindrances to growing in grace.Bitterness is that unresolved issue that has been eating you from inside ,that wounds you every time you come across can't grow in Christlike or in grace if you don't deal with that bitter water of yesterday /yesteryears.many have taken decisions in the heart of fury and wrath but Christ is calling you today to grow in grace and come up  higher.your right may have been trampled upon but before you take action ask yourself "what Jesus would do" choosing to bless others by your words even when they are wrong is not easy but that is maturity and growth .To grow in grace we have to deal with bitterness/wrath/anger/clamour/quarrelling/evil speaking/slander and malice in our lives.Grace is always available if you are willing to deal with the hindrances to the grace of God in your life.Heart issues that has been mentioned here should not be ignored.This things can and will impede the level of grace that you receive and can make use of. Dealing with heart/issues involves daily stocktaking and assessment .you and I are helpless without God's is grace that justifies us according to Romans is grace that gives us access according to Romans 3:24. Grace is what qualifies us to be workers in his vineyard  not talent/ambition/skill/education.God's grace is sufficient for us 1 Corinthians 12:9 .Grace is what saved us not works (we are saved by grace) Ephesians 2:5. Grace is given not merited or worked for.The grace you should see is the grace that is in Christ 2Tim 2:1 .our focus should be to grow in the grace that is in Jesus Christ.It is the grace of God that qualifies us to serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear.
How was grace procured ? You will see that in mark 16:9-20 .it was  the death and resurrection of Jesus that connected us with the grace of God and restored us to fellowship with God.Jesus procured grace for us by his blood that is why we are here today.we have a part to play by growing in the grace that has been revealed to us.Grace was purchased for you at a very costly price by the person of Christ .Don't waste it.
How is grace sustained ? Through prayer ,word of God,hunger for the things of God,person of God ,By taking your stand no matter the cost.
Keep growing in grace.there are a great experiences in every new level if growth!

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