Friday, 23 September 2016


NUGGET: NAHUM 1:7,8 ; The Lord is good; he protects his people in times of trouble; he takes care of those who turn to him.Like a great rushing flood he completely destroys his enemies;he sends to their death those who oppose him.Thank you Jesus!
I decree that someone is receiving divine strength to obtain what men tag impossible.I decree that the sword of fire that the root of bitterness is uprooted completely from your life.I pray for the refreshing of the spirit in you. The Lord shall multiply your little. By the power of God the divers tactics of satanic attack is scattered by fire.The Lord shall fill you with the grace of patience. You shall not fail in your Christian are delivered from every disgraceful fall.By the blood of Jesus your life reject the load of evil allocation. The rejoicing of your enemy over you end today by the fire of God of Elisha.Receive the oil of elevation. No matter what is happening around you the pillar of the Lord shall keep you standing in Jesus name,amen!

TODAY'S TIP: Live your life with the believe that everyday is the best day of the year by doing this you starve worries


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