Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Do you really know your worth as a heir of the father? Do you know that your worth is what you're worth to God.when Christ laid down His life for us, His precious sacrifice gave your life an immeasurable worth.psalm 82:6 says; ye are gods and children of the most high.He has made you a little lower than the angel.The ability to know your worth lies more in surrendering yourself to God and let him exalt you.
You are worth more than that low self esteem, because according to Luke 10:19 you have been given dominion power.How come you have allowed fear make you loose yourself. When he said fear not that he is with you(Isaiah 41:10) .As a heir of the father you shouldn't be afraid to step into places that God has given to You because wherever the sole of your feet shall tread he has given you for a possession. It is yours possess it.Refuse to be subjected to bully or oppression from the ungodly because God has made you head over the heathen and a people you do not know shall serve you. Stop feeling less of yourself because greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.know your worth! Stop compromising your faith to please people, you should be concerned about pleasing God because when your way pleases God he makes even your enemies to be at peace with you .How come that lecturer still molest you when God has assured you of good success.Your life has a great worth because you've been bought with a precious price.whatever you are going through is just a phase and a making process it will pass.Don't judge your present by your past and don't assume your future because of your present.You are destined for something greater and God will bring you into it. Don't bring down your godly standard,live like the daughter and  the sons of who you are. You are heirs according to His promise. You are worth more than rubbies.you are precious to God.Raise your head above the storm, don't let your crown drop to the ground because of circumstances. Be rest assured that even before the challenges you already have victory,yes that's your heavenly father reassuring you.
You are born to rule and be in charge of all that your father has made available, because He said in His word that the earth has he given to you and I. Your worth is what you are worth to God.you are an heir,you wear the royal crown so speak it,live like it,act like it and be it. Don't let your crown down, you are worth more to God!


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