Tuesday, 6 September 2016


When you say you love God it's more than just words it should be seen in your every day life and all we do.Those times when you go wrong, what comes first to your mind is it what man will say or how quick you should reconcile back to your maker.In John 14:15 the Bible says; "If you love God keep His commandments".it is clear that the proof of your love for God is strictly keeping to His commandment.you can't say you love God and do otherwise.Don't forget that He looks through the way things appear, yes the intent of your heart matters to God.Don't let the fear of man or the desire to please people determine how much love you have and express to God because your love for God is in the obedience of His word.
Even when men hail you take a minute, and ask yourself do all these proof my love for God. Why do you do what you do,Is it to please God or men?. John 15:13 says;  greater love hath no man than this,that a man lay down His life for his friend.This is the Love that God expressed to us on the cross, nothing can ever be compared to it, but the question is what are you doing for God or rather are you expressing your sincere love for God? Does your action tally with your profess love for God?.Go on each day with the consciousness of your love for God. Your consciousness should first be about pleasing God .Let your love for God conquer the fear of man that leads you to sin.stand for holiness and be counted among them that shall reign with Christ.
Whatever it is that diminishes your love for God can never take you far in life.The Bible commands that we should love our neighbor not fear our neighbor. If that association will hype you to sin cut off from it (2corinthains 6:14) ,this should in no way stir up hatred but reach out to him/her with prayers and time to time counselling. Psalm 2:11 says; serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling not serve man with fear. Whatever will make you fear man will cause you to sin.
I'll conclude with this; Matthew 22: 37-38 says;  "Jesus replied, you must love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul,and all your might.This is the first and greatest commandment". This means that in all that you say,do or think to do, your love for God comes first and should be evident in your attitude /action.our love for God is the first and greatest commandment, it exceeds everything else.Have an exceeding evident love for God!


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