Monday, 19 September 2016


We have been given the power to will, how we use it, determines how far we go and how we turn out in the end.In Deuteronomy 39:19; God made it clear to us that we have the power to will, and at each time we have the opportunity of making the right choice in life.
Wherever you are right now isn't the best God has for you, but it is in your power to will(determine),either to stay on that spot or to rise above the limit.Determine to be the best not an average. Most times people say this; "Do I have a choice" of course you do have a choice because everyday comes with a new  opportunity and  a privilege to grow, to be better than you were and do the unusual.You have a choice to determine that you will be better than your parents.You have a choice to say no to ungodly relationship, you have a choice to have a godly marriage and make your home an enviable one. You are the determinant .
You have a choice to say I won't let my past get me down or get the best out of me,no I can't be weak.You have a choice to make a positive difference. Only you can determine what thoughts you allow to flow through your have a choice to make your prayer altar either hot or cold but it can never be in between.
You are the determinant, use your power to will wisely. Let your will be towards something that will make you better and that will be pleasing to God. For you to make the best decision in life you need God in your life and the help of the holy spirit because without God you can't go far.In all your endeavor let it be God first.
The type of seeds you sow determines your yields. How well you invest determines your determine today to serve God and to be heaven conscious.Determine to leave your footprint in the sand of time, determine to grow.Determine to make the best use of every opportunity, break out and break forth.NO one can make anything better out of YOUR life  like you with the help of God.You are the determinant,you matter,make good use of your power to will !


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