Sunday, 25 September 2016


When someone offends you what is the next thing that comes to your mind; is it revenge or forgiveness? .most times people act revenge unconsciously,why some do it consciously.The thought of revenge starts from a bitter occurrence which leads to hatred and the devil begins to minister the thought of revenge.Any thought outside God's command to forgive is building the foundation for revenge. You might have been hurt badly but I tell you that the grace to forgive is available to you .Let go of that hate, stop the act of stylish revenge.why did you stop passing that route, is it because you don't want to see or say hello that person that hurt now send the messenger in the office to that once very close colleague because of what he/she said that made you feel insulted and hurt,what if this person Is not even aware of this behavior that makes you hurt.You now judge everyone and carry the hate mindset based on that last relationship that didn't work,what if it was God saving you from future do sleep over quarells with your spouse and then the devil magnifies this little hurt and it goes on to lead to didn't pick that call because you now feel so much resentment towards that person and you then come up with a lie of; I didn't see the call instead of you to come out open and let it go. All these are revenge trying to play from your subconscious. Don't be ignorant of the devices of the devil,that's him trying to steal your Joy.let go of that bitterness, ask the holyspirit to help you. You deserve all the happiness there is,at least do that for your mental,spiritual and physical health.Rejoice evermore! Let patience do the work in you. Let love banish the hate you feel.Evil can only be overcomed by good, so let love conquer.
That battle isn't yours to fight,release the hurt to God.In 1samuel 2:16 says, stand still and see the great thing the Lord will do before your eyes, he wants you to trust Him to avenge you.The battle is mine says the Lord The moment you begin to act against the offender, that's you telling God that you can fight for yourself. Yes they have called you all sought of names, remember God is the righteous judge he will vindicate you.Instead of engaging in silent malice, quarrels, fight, just bring it to God in prayer and let him handle it for you.
When you have bitterness in your heart it can cause your whole body to be sick. Devil is a Stealer of Joy,he doesn't want to see you joyful and that's why he brings up those little things to cause you to be sorrowful and most times sin against might not have responded to that person that said some hurtful things about you but in your heart you curse the person. It is time to let it go. Take  a minute and look back at all the beautiful things God has done for you and the wonderful opportunities he has placed around you, and you will see that the issue you feel hurt about isn't worth it. Stop letting the devil toil with your emotions, knowing fully well that you will spend the most out of your day pondering in quarrels,hate and hurt.
Be conscious about forgiveness, you've been hurt for too long.Let God be your perfect example, having gone through all the suffering yet he still choose to lay down His life for us.His pain gave us gain,what a sacrifice for love.  what pain can be greater than the one Jesus had on the cross.The grace is available, today consciously forgive,consciously ask for the grace to have a forgiving heart.No one said it will be easy but he didn't bring you this far to leave You. Stand still and know that he is God. If He is touched with with the feeling of our infirmities, it simply means that he knows,that you have been hurt several times but he still wants you to release it from your heart to him and let him step in.He is a righteous Judge,trust him to vindicate and give you victory. Most times people say this;I have it at the back of my mind but I tell you that it is not worth having that hurtful feeling anywhere in your deserve the best and God is ready to give you the best. Release your heart and rest in His embrace,let His love fill you up.He said cast all your cares( all the pains you feel inside included ) on him for he cares.God cares! Everything about you matters to God.Release it  and let him have it.He can handle it !


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