Saturday, 3 September 2016


when God speaks and tells us what to do it's beyond our understanding and doesn't naturally make sense to us and We tend to carry out divine instructions in the way that suits us. Oh friend God's ways can not to be understood by men except he reveals this mysteries to us, they are to be followed strictly. That's why His thoughts are not our thoughts so are His ways not the ways of men .Have you ever been in a situation where God tells you what to do but you bend it a little to suit yourself and you end up in regrets,yes that's the result of obeying God with a "but"(partial obedience).
Do you know that little bending doesn't have consequence on just you but could affect others too unless His mercy intervenes.When God tells you what to do that's because he loves you.Infact He knows the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end, he knows that your own ways can't profit you that's why he has decided to guide you through.
In Joshua 7:1-26; you will see there that one of the Israelite (Achan) disobeyed God's command/instruction to keep themselves away from accursed things of the land he told them to destroy ,still he went ahead to covet things from the spoils and incurred the wrath of God.He allowed himself to be tempted.
What is that thing you can't resist or get yourself  away from,that keeps making you to bends God's command/ instructions. If you love God you must keep His command and follow all His instructions because it is the best way to fulfilling don't have to understand before you obey Him,all he needs you to do is follow His lead and His grace will definitely see you through. Don't be too conscious about physical/material things that you bend God's instruction/command to suit your desire. God doesn't want your obedience with a "but"  he wants your complete obedience.look into your life and search out were you have strayed by a "little bend"(obedience with a "but"). Are you ready to obey God completely today,it's not too late and the time is now.There is blessing in total obedience. Stand for what is right and godly.
Obey without a "but" !


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