Thursday, 29 September 2016


Do you know that the little things we ignore or don't do are actually the true essence of life and this can mean so much more than you can imagine.A smile can mean so much to someone who already is feeling like all hope is lost.A hug can mean everything to someone who just went through a stressful day or is having a bad time.A little helping hand can be a saver to someone in dare need.Do you still ignore those little things, please don't!  Because it's what makes life beautiful.
When you learn how to appreciate the little things it opens you up for bigger and better things. Don't look down on that person because you never know where God is taking them.someone you feel is irrelevant or whose worth is not useful to you today can be who you need at some point in the ladder of success.start appreciating the little things it prepares you for a better tomorrow. Have you ever been given a gift and you felt like throwing it back at the giver but then you decided to keep it, and one day it ends up being the most important thing for your use.Now you see, what if you had appreciated the gift more just maybe it would have opened your mind to several ways to use it.stop! Throwing away little  opportunities that would have made you a better person.Appreciate those people around you even when you feel they can't be of help to You because you never know how the tides turn.single drops of water makes a mighty ocean.No one said you have to start praying from one hour,start from that little time and don't have to start reading the Bible from ten chapters each day,start from the little verses and grow.when you know how to appreciate and make good use of the little, it makes you have a success story to tell.You know,that your little beginning can be an inspiration to someone tomorrow. Appreciating the little things doesn't stop you from being what God has destined you to be.The little beginnings helps you understand life better.That little sorry can calm the anger and prevent any outburst,it can also save that marriage that is about to crash. You don't have to be wrong to say sorry,you saying sorry simply shows value and appreciation. Don't overlook that person wearing a sad face, your little act of concern can just be what or all that person won't take anything to help that person pick up something that dropped from their hand mistakenly, that could be a start of friendship that will go a long way in the future.
That little means more my friend, appreciate and show it to others. The fact that the little is mostly ignored makes it very priceless!


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