Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Does it seem like you've prayed all the prayers you know how to pray but you still are yet to receive that miracle and you ask;  has God forgotten me? The answer is NO ,He has not forgotten you.He will bring it forth in His set time and His time is the best.
God is preparing you for something bigger,he is taking you through that process so that you can become a product of blessing to nations.He hasn't forgotten, if He says that He will do it, He won't go back on His word because faithful is He who has just have to be patient on His timing. In Habakkuk 2:3;the Bible tells us that the vision is for an appointed time, though it may seem slow or delayed but wait for it ,because when it comes in His time you will be exceedingly glad at the timing .
God has a set time that you can't seem to comprehend with your understanding but all you need do is let Him lead you,follow Him with all your heart and he will bring you through.Abraham and Sarah begat Isaac in  God's time (Genesis 21:1), even when they tried to hurry before God's time it turned out unpleasant because they deviated out of His plan and became impatient. Whatever God has promised be patient to see it come forth because it will be the best yet and it will be evident that it's the finger of God.He doesn't share his glory with anyone so stop trying to help God,his promise/word in Him are yea and amen.
Joseph received a promise through dream from God but he still went through the process till the set time came and the promise of God concerning Him was fulfilled .The fact that you are going through that process doesn't mean God has forgotten. Note this that when it's God's time, the set time,nothing can stop your miracle.The reason why it is called a success story is because every successful and admired product must go through a process ,the making, to become a success. God is making you for a major breakthrough. A thousand years is like a day in His sight,he hasn't forgotten you. He is making your foundation strong enough to accommodate that Mega miracle. He is taking you through the test so you can come out as a testimony.He is breaking you so he can remold you,Because His plan for you is beyond what your mind can phantom. Stay on track,wait on Him,believe in His promise,He has not forgotten you.He honours His word more than His name,he will surely bring it to pass!

Say this prayer: Lord please forgive my unbelieve.Father I have decided to trust  you fully because I know you are on my case, and surely all you have said concerning me shall come to pass at your appointed time,amen!


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