Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Word Exposition In John 5:1-9
Have you ever wondered why it was only when the water was troubled by the angel of God at a particular season and anyone that stepped in at that time was healed. Why was it not in a way that those sick could step in at anytime into the water when it was calm and get healed ,did the water had to be troubled by the angel.
Here is the message; there are seasons in our life when we go through troubled times and you ask, why I'm I going through this? Do I really have to go through this? I tell you your focus shouldn't be the trouble,your focus should be the solution Jesus, because God wants to use that trouble to birth forth miracles in your life.He has released the grace for you to break pass the obstacles and come out victorious, your focus should be on Jesus he is the solution in the troubled waters.He is the encounter you need for your story to change. Do you know that the dawn comes after the darkest night.The problem isn't the end of the road, there is a light that is about to break forth from focus on Jesus.
In vrs 6 of the passage Jesus asked the man at the pool of Bethsaida ; Do you want to get well? But His answer was amazing.He said ,"Sir I don't have anyone to put me in the water when it was troubled" .Even while His solution was right there in front of Him ,his focus was not right.One thing you need to understand about troubled times is no one can help you except God steps in for is only His grace that can take you where your strength fail you.He doesn't share His glory with anyone,turn to Him.He is the solution, he wants to be glorified over that situation. Your focus should on God.In Him lies your miracle.
In verse 8 of the passage, we see that the man didn't have to step into the current(troubled water) for his solution to happen,all He needed was the right focus, and believe for a divine encounter.He had the believe that men will help him get into the current for 38yrs ,wow! .I don't know that person who has spent years asking questions like why should I go through such troubled times? Why can't everything just be calm and go smoothly ? Or have you been focusing on human beings to bring you to your solution. Here is to tell that God is the all knowing and he wants to take the glory over that trouble,he is about to turn that problem into  a miraculous testimony. That problem is not to kill you but that the name of God be glorified.Turn your focus to Jesus today and you will see how quick your miracle will is  a process to make you a products of God's wonders.Always believe in the grace of God to breakthrough in that challenge, it doesn't have to take that long, if only you can depend on the author of your life, he is the solution in the current that will birth forth your miracle.The moment you begin to realise and accept Jesus as the author and the finisher of your faith and in Him is every solution ,mountains becomes plain ground,stormy seas begins to calm. The solution in the current is Jesus!


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