Monday, 12 September 2016


Love more than just a word it has alot to do with action. People use the word more they act the word,but unknown to them it is a strong weapon.
Using love as a weapon is practical, it has the ability to break barriers,break the wall of differences and make distances closer than it really looks.Jesus is our perfect example of the expression of unconditional love.In Galatians 5:14 says:  the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
When last did you use the weapon of love to be a blessing to someone, Have you ever thought of showing love to that tough boss with sincerity? Have you tried showing that unfriendly neighbor some love? How do you speak to your spouse and children without them feeling any hate.The weapon of love can make this a possibility,use it!
Romans12:18 says; "As much as you can live peaceably with all men". This is because Jesus understand's mankind.some people can be so tough no matter how much you try but don't relent,the weapon of love can conquer the odds.The best way to live in peace with all men by all means is by consistently making good use of the weapon of love.Now Picture all that Jesus went through,still he choose to love us and made so great sacrifice for us,Oh! What a is magnificent and indescribable. What has that person done that seem unforgivable, let love conquer,release the hate from your heart,hate can make the heart sick.Your expression of love can save a soul,it can change a person.Use it! .stop loving with conditions,let your love be selfless and sacrificial.Choose today to cease every opportunity to express your love to know for you to have such love you first have know the author of Love and that's Jesus.only Him can fill you with so much love because if you have to love your neighbor as yourself, you must first have an endless depth of love within.Open up your heart to Him today and let him fill you up.The love weapon should be your daily weapon,use it!


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  1. God is Love of a truth...
    The message of love is the most powerful because all of Christ's walk and actions were embedded in Love .
    God bless you Ma