Friday, 30 September 2016


The professing of love that puts you or makes you feel like you are under a bondage is not love because  the sacrificial and unconditional love Christ showed us on the cross which is a perfect example to us,made us free,it made us free from the law of bondage and sin,it made us free from the shackles of the devil,it gives us liberty of expression.How then are you into something or a relationship that professes love but you are not free.what do I mean by this;any friendship,relationship e.t.c  that professes love but makes you feel bondaged by it ,is not love.
Love gives you the freedom to express yourself and not get judged, it gives you a platform to share, love gives value and respect,love gives you a feeling of Joy,love doesn't put fear in you,sincere love doesn't put you in a place of compromising your faith.If you say you love or someone professes it to you but you can't express things to yourselves,you are scared when the person is around,you can't be yourself with the person, you don't feel comfortable letting the person know your background, then there have to be a rethink. Love doesn't ask for anything in return,it is better expressed unconditionally,it is not forced,it comes from the heart.Love that tasks you and make you powerless of your own will or doesn't care about your opinion is not love.Love gives without asking in return.A love that is not proud to freely speak good things about you is not love ,because Christ wasn't ashamed to die for us and call us His own despite our imperfections. Love is an expression of freedom, that even the deepest fear you feel can be expressed. Love is divine it shouldn't make you do things that displeases God. Infact the first step to having a love that is pure,true and free is first knowing Jesus and surrendering your heart to him.
Love doesn't or shouldn't cut you off from people but rather make you value every person in your life. Don't be deceived love shouldn't set you in the motion of sin,fear,heartache ,pain,bondage or ungodly act.Love is free! It gives you the freedom to express yourself and grow in the process.Choose to enjoy the the love that sets you free from the unecessities . Chose the Love based on the foundation of Christ. Chose the Love that is free and makes you free!


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  1. Wow... I felt like you were talking to me...
    I keep learning every day. Thank you Ma