Wednesday, 14 September 2016


To prioritize is to put in order of importance This is very important in achieving set goals in life.One thing you need yo know is you can't have it all at once. It's not just enough to know  what you want,and much better if you know your priorities. It prevents you from doing the right thing at the wrong time.practicing this can help you go far in life.There are things you have to say yes it's now, yes but latter, or no not at all.It's okay to have desires but do you really think it's the right time for what you desire.set your priorities right most importantly lay it all down before your maker,because even when you think you know what is best for you ,he still knows what's far better than your best,that he can give you. The inability for you to set your goals and priorities right is playing with your destiny. One single wrong step can shatter all that you've built over the years.
It is possible that you're engaged in something that is not a priority for now,or not a priority at will be wise to retrace your step. When you prioritize it helps your level of focus and cuts off distraction. Don't just say yes to everything that comes your way, know what you want and set things right.The earlier you get things right the better. Don't miss your divine timing and don't misuse the purpose of your divine opportunity. Knowing what to do at the right time and doing it reduces the level of stress and pressure. A man/woman of purpose and pursuit knows how to set their priorities right. Stop being non-chalant about things. A person that goes after everything ends up with nothing.Are you sure of those things which you desire then it's time to set the priorities right.A go-getters knows His/Her priority!


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