Monday, 5 September 2016


NUGGET: DEUTRONOMY 33:26-27; There is no one like the God of Israel. He rides across the heavens to help you, across the skies in majestic splendor.
The eternal God is your refuge, and his everlasting arms are under you. He drives out the enemy before you; he cries out, ‘Destroy them!.Thank you Jesus !
I decree by the power of God that you shall not be manipulated to fulfill negative desires.Receive the spirit of diligence and obedience unto God's word. Every satanic instruction given against you is cancelled by the blood of Jesus.I decree that your life shall know no confusion.strange link connected to your dream life is broken by the blood of Jesus.Evil birds flying on satanic assignment against you are consumed by the fire of the holy ghost. Evil covenant and oath is revoked by the power God. Every uncomfortable situation receives heavens immediate attention.God shall bombard and surprise you with heavenly abundance today. I prophecy divine speed concerning that promotion you've been asking God. Receive divine oil for changing levels.I decree a heavenly reward with interest for those many years of penury in Jesus name,Amen!

TODAY'S TIP: Don't assume that God knows your problem;  really, he wants you to use your own mouth to make your request known to Him.He says","Ask and ye shall receive"(Matt 7:7).


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