Saturday, 24 September 2016


As we through life it so happens that because we don't see God physically, most people act as though he doesn't know what we are going through or what is happening with us.I Want to remind you that God is omnipotent,omnipresent and all knowing. He sees, hears,he knows and nothing about you takes him unawares.
In 2chronicles 16:9;the Bible makes us to understand that God's eyes is everywhere and he is always ready to step in for you.Don't feel disappointed when one thing doesn't work out,know it that the One whose eyes is running throughout the earth is setting you up for something better.Also in Zephaniah 3:15 there is an assurance that God is in our midst, though we don't see him but he is your battle axe and he won't allow evil penetrate your dwelling. His hands are not short that he can't reach out to you.He that made the ears,can't he hear?  He that made the eyes can't he see? Of course he knows about you than you know yourself.stop letting the devil minister discouragement to your heart.Don't fall for the temptation of sin, with the deceptive thought of no one sees you because God sees.God's presence is ever present with us,sin is the only that can bring the distance  between you and our father in heaven. Don't let flattery lips set you in the motion of pride,be humble and submit yourself to God and you shall see His raw manifestation. God knows that times beyond your strength will come and that is why he gave His word of assurance in Isaiah 43:2 ; when you pass through the waters he will be with you and the rivers shall not overwhelm you,even the fire shall leave you don't fret,whatever it is,Your weakness, emotional troubles, is it maritally,job/career wise ,everything encompass it's all an open case to him.He is the God of all flesh and there is nothing he can not do. He knows that burden times will also come so he said you should bring your burden to him he will give you rest(matthew 11:28).He is our rest.He has assured you and I that he will be with us till the end (Matthew 28:20).not for a season, not for a moment but till the end,be conscious of this fact.wherever you go,whatever you do,whoever you are now and whatever you eventually become.know that God is with you and everything about you is open to him.Hold on to His faithfulness. I have never seen the righteousness's your season to smile again. Do all to His glory.Christ has already settled it all on the cross.(Romans 8:29-32; Ephesians 1:5) he formed us, he pre-destined us and adopted us as His own by giving us Jesus. How shall he then not freely give us everything. God is in charge,he is all knowing. Hold on to him.Everything about you is open to Him!


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