Saturday, 12 November 2016


NUGGET: JEREMIAH 20:11;But the LORD is with me like a strong soldier. So those who are against me will fail. They will not win. They will fail completely. They will be very ashamed for all time. People will never forget that nobody should honour them.Thank you Jesus!
God your source and supporter shall cause every battle In you life to end.I decree that the voice of rejoicing shall be in your home.The Lord shall give you a strange miracle.I pray the Lord will open your eyes to recognise angels in human form sent for your help.I pray the Lord shall direct you according to his word and promise .By the power of God an heavenly standard is raised against every altar of Baal(idol worship) in your family line.Jezebel powers assigned to end your ministry and calling die by the fire of the holy ghost. I pray the grace of God upon you to be faithful in little and plenty.I speak divine speed upon your pace in life.I decree God's  light of favour upon you in every place.The spirit of polygamy in that family line shall not manifest in your life.The Lord envelope you in his blood,power and presence. You life receive divine sanitation by the blood of Jesus ,amen!

TODAY'S TIP: If God brought you this far he can take you further than your imagination. Don't focus on the storm ,focus on Jesus and he will get you through the storm!


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