Sunday, 27 November 2016


NUGGET: ISAIAH 60:2,3;Look, because a dark cloud covers the earth. It is very dark over the people. But the LORD will rise up above you and everyone (in the world) will see his glory over you. Then, people will come to your light from foreign countries. Also, kings will come to the bright light that is beginning to shine over you.thank you Jesus!
I decree the name of Jesus against the fowls of the air assigned against your rising. Any strange power oppressing the glory of that head receive God's wrath of fire.Any head under attack receive deliverance by the power of God.Satanic power attacking your creative ability receive permanent exit by fire.Anyone having imbalance of the mind receive God's touch of peace.I decree by the resurrection power of God that someone is recovering all stolen intellectual gift.Success struggles receive anointing of ease and speed.your thought is immersed in the blood of Jesus for productivity. You shall experience an encounter that will transform your destiny forever.Divine opportunities shall not be wasted in your life. By the power in the blood of Jesus the value of your destiny shall not be depreciated. I decree that nothing shall stop your fruitfulness in Jesus name,amen!

TODAY'S TIP: Trust in the Lord at all times not just when it is convenient for you!


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