Friday, 11 November 2016


Discover and uncover are very similar words in meaning but with a strong thin line difference having so much depth.To discover involves the process to find,learn and know, it is the creating process.knowledge they say is power and knowledge gives you a better understanding to unveil or uncover.Discovery is of much depth of knowing while to uncover is showing, so before you show off to the the world you have to be sure of what you are unveiling,you have be sure of that step you are taking, you have to be sure of who you call your friends or partner, you have to discover.Uncover on the other hand is revealing and identifying with what you have discovered. The discovery stage also known as creating stage, more like laying a foundation while when you uncover you are said to be you create before you are made.This is how you can go a long way.
most people have uncovered before they discover leaving them with a default knowledge on how to handle situations and people. There are so many things to learn when you are patient to discover .most people have uncovered in a rush and has left them in regret,if they were only patient enough maybe things would have turned out differently. There is a place of discovering yourself before you uncover to the world.If you uncover before you discover what you are called to do or your true purpose there is bound to be a mess or you might end up being an imitation or living someone else's life ,so you first have to discover your true identity. Even when you have directions from God or visons on what yo do ,take time to discover through prayer, studies (of the word and other inspirational books),take time to know and follow up on those with similar vision or direction and learn from them,build yourself don't be quick to uncover or rush into many marriages and relationships have failed because so many uncovered before they discovered and closed their eyes to the truth.Don't you think you should say a word of prayer first before taking that step .Have you asked God the real intent of that person before saying yes and choosing a life of forever.How much do you know about  that friend, partner(relationship or business) ,colleague, boss even siblings and parents. There are alot to learn and know in the discovery process. It helps you know what you can say yes or no to and also discover the strength of your coping ability. Stop! Don't rush,take time to want to go into a marriage with someone you don't know either through physical/spiritual discovery.what is your frequent topic of discussion like because this will help the depth of your discovery,is it just all about asking what have you eaten,where did you go and all the chit chat,i'm not saying this are not important but i'm saying there is more to the discovery process.Have you asked about the persons short and long term goals,visions, dream.Have you done background check(not financial aspect only but all encompassing),family check,personality, is he or she someone you can spend the rest your life with and it will be worth it. There should always be something important  to discuss so your don't uncover by a default knowledge, there is the spiritual aspect,career,social,emotional,weakness,strength, temperament, business(if both of you are business inclined),family goals,personality and so much more.Don't spend hours chatting and calling without discovering something new or inspiring each's also important you know that during this discovery stage there is a possibility of misunderstanding the question is how do you handle it,you can get to know more about him or her from this.Don't stay quiet point out those things you are not clear about. Discover! Ask yourself how much do I know about this person I have uncovered to the world .it's true you can't know everything about a person but you can know more than just the basics and that goes a mighty long keep complaining about your boss have you took your time to discover his or her personality and how best you can relate without getting into issues every now and then,Discover! How well do you know that colleague in your office ,your level of knowledge about a person can help you be a channel of blessing.Do you know when he or she is sad or happy? he or she you say might just be a colleague but that is the person you spend more than half of your day with, remember the bible says a friend that is closer than a brother but how can you build this closeness when you haven't discovered (known) that person.How well do you know that friend,Discover! The fact you are siblings or even twin doesn't make you have same character or personality, discover!  so you can be the best of siblings that others can emulate or learn from. You keep saying my parents don't understand me ,but my question is do you understand them? Taking your time to go through a discovery process with them will make you uncover a beautiful parent and child relationship.You have a talent or calling take time to discover, develop and create the foundation because once you uncover yourself to the world there will be so much expectations. The profile you put out there have you discovered yourself to that level.Never uncover with a default knowledge or understanding. There is a lot of mess that the discovery process can help prevent. Discovery is a whole lot with so much depth that your understanding can't fathom all by itself, so you Need the help of the holy spirit,he is the spirit of truth, he only says what the father tells him and you will never be misdirected, open your heart to listen to the holyspirit,the human mind can't understand the things of the spirit so all you have to do is yield and trust fully.
Time has a lot to unfold there are so many sides to a person ,a situation or a thing.Don't be in haste to uncover that you turn a blind eye to the truth.Don't try to manage the wrongs if you can't cope with it.please before you think to uncover first discover it goes a long way!

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