Monday, 14 November 2016


What do you desire most in this world? What is that one thing that can satisfy your longing  and desire and make you very happy? Does your utmost need and priority have it's root or takes its root in God's glory.As a Christian who has heaven as the focus,the glory of God should be our pursuit focus and aim everyday of our life here on earth.we should never be satisfied with the level we are in but strive more and more for his glory through his word and his spirit. An hunger for God should manifest in what you seek and are supposed to be a carrier of God's glory but the truth is; you can't be carrying a glory that you have not encountered.To encounter the glory of God you must come in contact with God of glory and keep in touch with the God of glory.many have seen God's glory at one time or the other and have relaxed forgetting to keep in God's glory. we have to continue beholding his face to remain in his likeness. The prayer of every Christian daily is that they shall experience more of God's grace and glory.Glory is not shining but lifestyle.
Encountering the glory of God through his word is encountering the message that God is trying to speak to you personally. An encounter with God's glory is an encounter where God confronts you face to face with the word and changes that you need to make.An encounter with God's glory is not just a thing of benefit but a thing of transformation. An encounter with God's glory is an encounter with the ways of God.
Thirst for God's glory means you are not willing to accept anything less than his presence. Encountering God's glory is encountering God personally and him dealing with you on the issues of your life.A yearning for God's glory can only become strong after a man acknowledges that he can do nothing of himself except by God.To come into the place of an encounter with God's glory is taking a posture of humility and ready willingness to obey every word of God.Encountering God's glory requires death of your last life,association, link,lifestyle.Praying a heartfelt prayer for the glory of God to be revealed is only really effective by your hearts correction with God.Exodus 33:7-23; expressly tells us Moses encounter with God and his thirst for God's glory. Knowing the glory of God is not religious observances. In the spiritual arena there are spectators and there are actors .personal relationship with God is very important. You don't encounter God by religious observance but by hearing the word of God and putting it to practice. Are you a friend of God or are you in friendship with the world.To see God's glory you must persist in his presence until change becomes evident in your life.what you are after you will be ready to give all for .To receive God's glory you must recognize your helplessness and lean on his grace.Continuity matters; knowing the ways of God helps you continue in his presence ,without knowing God's way you can't please him.The presence of God is what distinguishes you from others. Separation does not mean you are consecrated you must take steps to consecrate yourself to God by presenting yourself to God daily.All you are pursuing is it all for the glory of God or for self glory?
The glory of God manifested in your life must give you a hunger and passion for God's word and not just for benefits from God's word.
What is your utmost desire ?
God's glory or God's blessings
God's glory or God's act
God's glory or mans applause
God's glory or nourishment
God's glory or god of this world
God wants his glory to show forth in your life and as you desire for God glory he will show you more and more of his person.

Expressive Desire of God's Glory;
-prayerful heart
-A renewal of mind or constant renewal of the mind by the word of God
-willing to subdue flesh and allow the spirit of God to take control of you
-consecrating your self to God by taking actions in that regard.
-fanning your desire daily by association with like minded people or Christian
-Holding on the word of God without fear

What question do you seek to answer ?
What questions are more important to you?
These questions shows the state of your heart or what you hold in high esteem.
Do you know the way or you are just satisfied by the description of the way you know?
Are you ready to walk the way of Christ forsaking all and trusting him?
Seekers of God's glory are those who are in constant fellowship with Christ and are not willing to trade it out.Have you found the way the way of life? Do you know the truth, the truth in the word? There is a yearning in every man that can only be satisfied in God and no other way .To receive you have to cry out in desire and desperation to God saying; show me your glory!

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