Sunday, 27 November 2016


The ability for you to cheer even in the odds is the strength you get to break pass the odds.For every time the devil tries to darken your heart with sadness look to the one (GOD) who has the light and he will brighten your heart.Don't let the sorrows or situations bring you down,you have every reason to look up to a bright new day because when there is life there is hope.There are lot of great things embedded in your tomorrow than you can imagine,so dare to cheer.Be inspired by the unconditional love Jesus showed you and I on the cross that gave us renewed hope.silence the negatives with your positive vibes.focus on the things God has worked out for you and be not despair. In every way expressly cheer because you can inspire someone with the joy that you emit to become hopeful again.You don't have to own everything before you express the indepth joy.In fact it's when it feels like things are looking down that you should cheer the most,that will be you giving the devil a blow .One primary aim of the devil is to steal your joy ,get you down and out,this way things like discouragement, self pity, lack focus and even sickness starts to creep in.So no matter what the devil tries to make you see dare to cheer because we walk by faith and not by sight. Your joy can get the enemy confused and can be a source of motivation to others.Psalm 45:7 tells us the power of being cheerful,joyous,glad it makes you outstanding and uniquely distinguished and people begin to wonder the source but we know that there is no other person that can give us such depth of Joy than Jesus and it comes with strength to move on. Sorrow is the devils trick to deceive you out of the place of blessing.As much as possible rebuke all thoughts that tries to get you down.You find out that cheerfulness gives you a daring spirit even when things are tagged impossible you pull through with ease(Nehemiah 8:10) .Always have a thankful heart it helps you focus on the positive things thereby starving sorrow or sadness and keeping hope alive. Praise through the difficult times and the joy of the Lord shall abound.Always meditate on things eternal it keeps your heart cheerful. Ask God for the oil of gladness and he will fill you with joy overflow.I urge you today that no matter what dare to keeps the devil on a run.Remember that your living is for a purpose and your purpose is in Christ. Dare to cheer; it is a secret weapon so use it.Find strength In your deepest pain when you cheer. God's grace is available so say to yourself ; from today I dare to cheer!


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