Sunday, 6 November 2016


Bow in this context means to allow authority over you,to give up your right to a great extent,it also means to yield.whatever and whoever you you bow to,you have given authority over you and access into your life,that means you have completely yielded. Why have you decided to bow to the things that God hates? Why have you decided to bow to the things you once preached against? Why have you given the devil access and authority over you because of the things you bowed to .you have been given a divine instruction and mandate for your destiny and it say's "Thou shall not bow" .In Exodus 23:20-33 specifically in verse 24 says; Thou shall not bow down to their god's ,nor serve them ,nor do after their works : but thou shall utterly overthrow them,and quite break down their images.This passage is simply saying that you can't keep trying to fit in and still stand out. What have you allowed to take the place of God in your life and become a god that you can't do without? Remember thou shalt not bow! You have been sent to be a light to the gentiles but you now found their ways a norm to follow Remember thou shalt not bow! Just a little lie today and a little lie tomorrow,there is no big sin and no small sin,sin is sin .Remember thou shall not bow! You have allowed the wrong influence over your life and it has misdirected your destiny ,if only you can realize it today and say to yourself the words of God ;thou shalt not bow!
The bible says we have been given authority over the hidden ,you have been made the head over many countries, a people you don't know shall serve you but the truth is how can you be all this when you bow,when you decide to fit in instead of stand out, when you decide to yield in to the ungodly ways .For you to have and manifest that authority and dominion there is only one person who is supreme that you need to bow to and the is God almighty .when you kneel and bow before him he will make you stand up tall before men.In verses 25 of Exodus 23; you can see that when you serve,reverence, submit,yield ,bow to God he will set things right in your life.stop handing your authority to the enemy ,refuse to bow to the devils tactics and traps,God has plans for you and he has given you access to everything by the blood of Jesus but he says to you don't bow! If you want that promotion don't bow.Don't rally your way to the top.if you desire riches don't bow because promotion cometh only from God.if you desire the fruit of the womb don't bow to the devil to get it because he will take back much more from you, Devil in a conditional giver .Don't bow to the idol that was a snare to your forefathers ,remember when you bow that means you are have given them access and rulership over you.God is the only one that you should bow to and he has given us the grace,his word as light and guide,his angels and so much more to help us stand out and stand all but his word to someone today is Thou shalt not bow! 


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