Wednesday, 2 November 2016


There is a strong battle today which many are not aware of .many have fallen from the faith or totally given up because of their inability to walk in the spirit. Galatians 5:16-25; expressly tells us thee difference and qualities of those that walk in the flesh and those that are led by the spirit. The flesh and the things of this world challenges our sense each day to give in to the devil's wiles and suggestions. Our ability to walk in the spirit is what gives us the victory.what is the solution of the spiritual decadence affecting everyone in our world even so called believers? How can we stay out of the various webs that has entangled great proffesors of God's grace and word? It is by walking in the spirit and to keep walking in the spirit is not about adopting Christian lifestyle by personal discipline ,outward changes or facelift. Walking in the spirit is not putting yourself under strong rules to overcome the flesh.walking in the spirit is not church attendance or service in God's vineyard.walking in the spirit is not dancing to every tune of your pastor. Walking in the spirit is not a gradual change of lifestyle by him an strength and zeal.walking in the spirit is not prayer and fasting or godly works without obeying the word of God  .walking In the spirit is not raising the banner or tag of a Christian while still swimming in the river of sinful pleasure and fishing from world's basket.walking in the spirit is being in tune with Christ by his word and God's divine frequency. Walking in the spirit is understanding and taking correction when the word of God and the spirit of God corrects you.not fighting or resisting God's word when he speaks. Walking in the spirit is not relying on your own strength in obeying God but riding on the wings of grace by the empowerment in of the spirit. Walking in the spirit is knowing God as your personal lord and saviour and continuing in the path that he leads day by day.walking in the spirit is aligning your lifestyle to your confession of faith.walking in the spirit is not fulfilling the lust ,desire and dictations of the flesh.
According to Galatians 5:16-25; walking in the spirit is living by the dictates and leading(the word, the spirit, renewed conscience, supernatural guidance) of the spirit instead of that of the flesh.The Christian is suppose to live by the spirit and not the command if the flesh.There is always a contention between the flesh and the spirit.only by remaining under God's grace, guidance and leading will you be able to overcome flesh.The flesh is ever with you so don't underestimate it.your success is only guaranteed by walking in the spirit.
What are the works of the flesh? They are sexual immorality, impurity in thoughts and deeds,pleasure loving, debauchery,idolatry (worshiping anything other than God),self worship,witchcraft(dark arts,evil group to control others,plotting evil using dark ungodly means to achieve it),hatred(discord,unnecessary quarrels, jealousy,greed,envy,rage or anger,self ambition,orgies.Living in flesh is choosing to forfeit your inheritance of the kingdom of God.walking in the spirit is the solution, means it panacea to live above sin and the world.flesh can't help you fight flesh only the spirit can. Walking in the spirit is walking in ; love ,joy,peace,patience, goodness, faithfulness or gentleness, self control.grow in them as they have been available to you.what are those things that empowers you to walk in the spirit? they are ; the word (mirror) ,pray always,obedience, know your enemies(we are not ignorant if the devices of the devil),fasting and praiseful attitude. If you say you belong to Jesus you must have crucified your sinful nature ,desires and passion. Living and walking in the spirit means keep in step with the spirit and walking as Christ walked.Always think of what Jesus will do before you take and step or action.Take  check on your self and ask yourself are you walking in the spirit.Romans 6:11-17 commands us not to give sin place.Don't give in to evil desires,don't be a part of sin by offering it assistance or helping hand,don't try to be friendly with sin because it will ruin you at the end.Don't offer any part of your body to sin or in fulfilling sinful pleasure ,be responsible. Instead offer your body and resources to righteousness, this is your responsible and mine.what or who you obey is who you serve,are you obeying sin? Are you obeying man? Are you obeying the word,God or flesh? make a whole hearted decision today to obey God and was with him by accepting him as your lord and personal saviour and making a conscious choice to walk in the spirit and do his will every day.
Grace is available today,so no matter where you are presently grace is ready to meet you there.The person of Jesus will meet you wherever you your heart by walking in the spirit daily!

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