Thursday, 17 November 2016


Anyone on a mission without a vision is like embarking on a journey without directive, plan,aim or goal.A vision is an idea or goal toward which one aspires.Almost every place the word vision was mentioned in the bible was to forsee something that involved the future or towards a particular task(mission) and when that forseen time came the vision stood as guide. A vision gives you a knowledge of something and helps one avoid to walk blindly without a target, goal or knowledge of where one is headed.Vision is about a future desire,goal,aspiration. It gives insight of what you want to do and direction on helps you conceive great things to plan for a better tomorrow.A man that runs without a vision is likely to have difficulties getting to his/her destination,before you embark on that mission you must have a vision.Vision helps the direction of your mission. It helps you know and understand where you are headed and how to successfully overcome the odds with great resilience and come out fulfilled.
It is one thing to have a vision it is another thing to run by it and that's why the bible says in "Habakkuk 2:2,3; and the Lord gave me an answer and put the vision in writing and make it clear on stones,so that the reader may go quickly.This vision is for a future time. It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled. If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed." The best vision for your destiny or anything you want to do in life comes from God,so to get the right map(vision) for your destiny you have to tarry in the place of prayer.Vision enables the speed of your mission.Everyone on earth has a mission and it leads to the direction of your destiny  but without a vision to run with one can end up frustrated or back to zero is true that you are busy with so many things but the question is do you have a vision ? Do you know the vision? Is it clearly written? Are you running by it?. Every mission has a vision,so don't be in a rush to go on a mission without having a vision handy and clearly written. Are you confused about that step you are about to take then ask God for a clear vision (destiny map) put it clearly down and run by it.Do not be overwhelmed by the mission that you forget to know the vision.
Vision is very important in every mans life it is like a discovery of purpose for something. When you understand the "why" it helps you go a long way in life. Vision is an understanding of the "why" and it aids your swiftness.
The vision is a map for the pursuit(mission) don't go a run without it.Do you have a vision for your calling,career,family,bussines e.t.c .The vision helps you focus on the helps you discern if you have diverted from the helps you a realise the worth of the mission.Don't just run! run with a vision only then can you know when you are fulfilled.Everyone runs but those that run with a vision move swiftly.Just as the mission is important the vision is your guide to fulfilling it but above all lean on God's grace !


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