Friday, 18 November 2016


NUGGET:ISAIAH 41:18-20;I will make rivers on hills where nothing grows. And I will make wells of water in the valleys. I will make pools of water in the sandy places. And I will make wells where the ground is dry.I will put these kinds of trees into the sandy places: cedar, acacia, myrtle and olive. And I will put together into the Arabah these kinds of trees: pine, fir and cypress.Then people will see that. They will know that the hand of the *LORD has done it. They will think about it. And they will understand that the *Holy God of Israel has *created it.'
I decree that spiritual wickedness in high places is exposed and destroyed by fire in your life.I decree by the resurrection power of God that every poverty lifestyle is conquered in the victory of abundance.The broom of fire destroy and burn to ashes every web of poverty curse.Padlock of darkness that is locking out your wealth break by the hammer of fire and I decree that the wealth is released.Anything cooperating with the enemy in your life catch fire now.The Lord chase out the spirit of frustration out of that life now.The Lord of host is breaking every evil pattern,things are turning in your shall break the record norm into greater things.The Lord shall surprise you with the unbelievable. Aggressive witchcraft operating in your family line dies now.The Lord shall pour upon you the oil of fruitfulness in Jesus name,amen!

TODAY'S TIP: Note this; you can't hurry God, you only constantly remind him because God is always in time.Don't doubt persevere in faith!


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