Thursday, 24 November 2016


NUGGET: 2samuel 22:3,4; My God is the rock that I can hide in. He is my shield that saves me. He is my strong shelter and my safe place, and he saves me. You have saved me from men who would have hurt me. I shout to the LORD because I must praise him. He has saved me from my enemies.Thank you Jesus!
I decree by the mercies of God that you are delivered from the hold of every unfaithful dealings and unbelieve that can cause you to miss your miracle.The Lord confuse the camp of your enemies with a great noise.I pray that the power of God will do in your life the humanly unimaginable that will bring about the manifestation of miracle in your life. I pray that your hope shall be alive and never ashamed. The angels of God shall carry you up and your feet shall not be dashed against a stone.I decree joy in your fields.I decree that the righteousness of God shall be shown among the hidden and the Lord shall lift you above them.I pray that the Lord will fill you with his wisdom that will make you stand out and stand tall.I pray that your head shall not be put down in Jesus name,amen!

TODAY'S TIP: God can teach and lead you in his ways but never try to predict his ways Just obey!


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