Wednesday, 16 November 2016


NUGGET: MICAH 7:7,8;But as for me, I will watch for what the Lord will do. I will wait for God, who saves me. I know that he hears me.My enemy, do not be happy because I am in trouble. I have fallen down, but I will get up. I am in the dark, but the Lord will be a light to me.Thank you Jesus!
I decree that you and your generation shall see God's light. I pray that the Lord shall groom you and help you stand.The power of God disconnect you from every familiar and unfamiliar evil touch.Anything buried to put a stop to you is destroyed and exhumed by fire.The Lord is giving you a divine encounter that  willcounter and end every trouble in your life.The Lord shall arrest the will of your helpers to locate and favour you against all odds. I decree that the Lord is re-equipping someone who has lost drive and zeal with a resilience spirit. I decree that your inner eyes and mind are opened for spiritual understanding. The Lord shall settle you for a generational blessing and expansion. The last poor treatment you received will be the last you will ever experience for the Lord of host is elevating you by fire.The Lord is relocating someone to a divine allocation. I pray that you shall not be satisfied with menial ,receive grace to posses greater things.I decree that your race shall not be disgraced in Jesus name,amen!

TODAY'S TIP: You  can never exhaust the depth of God's word everything you need for life and godliness is in it,so feed on it !


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