Sunday, 6 November 2016


NUGGET: Ephesians 2:10; It is God who has worked in us. He himself has made us what we are. He had already prepared good things for us to do. And he has joined us with Christ Jesus so that we can do those good things.Thank you Jesus!
I pray that the Lord shall fill your hungry soul with his goodness.By the wrath of God's fire your enemies shall be rewarded with a double recompense. I pray that you shall not follow after strange things.I cancel every wrong and evil attraction in your life by the blood of Jesus.Anyone envious at what God is doing in you and through you shall meet their destructive end. I pray that your paths shall not cross the path of lying prophet.I decree that you shall not be disgraced in the place of your glory.The Lord shall make you a universal positive influence. I pray that you shall be channeled in God's will.I pray that your eyes are opened to see the divine instruction for your destiny manifestation. Negative influence tying down your destiny loose there hold over you .By the resurrection power of God you are opened up to deep secret about your living.The Lord is repositioning someone that has been misplaced in the place of purpose in Jesus name, amen!

TODAY'S TIP:Every step we take leaves us with the assurance that tomorrow will be better than today.seize your day!


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