Saturday, 14 January 2017


It's true that in our daily lives we need God's grace for everything because on our own we can't do it,but many have developed the habit of using grace as an excuse to sin.Christ brought us grace so whatever we do should bring glory to God.Grace is God's riches at Christ expense,grace doesn't leave you were it met you rather it helps you out of those things you are struggling with.Grace doesn't guarantee you to sin,it helps you out of sin.stop repeating things that doesn't give glory to God using grace as an excuse ,the bible says submit yourself under the mighty hand of God rebuke the devil and he will flee.Your submission is a readiness of total surrender. Romans 6:1; shall we continue in sin and so that grace will abound God forbid.God forbid the hates,the continuous sinful lifestyle, God forbid the reckless behaviour. Grace abounds to uplift you out of the pit holes struggles.say no to sin using grace as an excuse.while depending on God's grace to help you ,you have to also take steps to be better.God's grace is sufficient to make you better.1peter 5:8; Be sober,be vigilant ,because your adversary the devil,as a roaring lion ,walketh about ,seeking whom he may devour .Don't Let that excuse you keep giving be a platform for devil to devour good things in your life.Even with the availability of grace stay watchful and do all you do to the glory of God.Grace uplifts ! Be the pillar that raise others to know Christ. Live a graceful lifestyle above the struggles and excuse of sin !

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