Saturday, 28 January 2017


Sometimes people gradually relent and call it rest,and they try to justify within themselves that they are still on track.The truth is it is good to rest at the necessary time of rest and also some extra rest when one has overworked but it is also good to be conscious so that while you rest you are not already relenting. We rest to gain strength (physical) or recover so as to become stronger and possibly better but when you know that it's not rest but a relent is when you gradually begin to give up on those things that inspires you and give you a sense of fulfillment, at this point one begins to loose zeal and focus,you begin to take things that relate to your dreams and vision lightly.always mark a thing line between when you are resting or relenting because it will keep you in check of your purpose and pursuit.
My friend you don't have to relent because it's not over until God says so.Keep pushing those dreams and vision, keep hope alive,have faith even when the situation tells you otherwise beceause situation doesn't determine your life God is the determinant of how things turns out in your life if you hold on to him,he is the master planner of your life,the light will break forth for you.It's okay to rest especially when you come back better refired but don't relent and don't try to convince yourself that its a rest when it's a relent. Keep moving until you get to your destination,pray until you get answers,work until you get result ,be sure that the tides will turn in your favour. Don't relent on your dreams, don't let your visions fade out,you have a whole life ahead of you don't let it waste.Rest when you need to because you need to because you need strength for another day,but don't telent until that story becomes a glorious testimony,until you are fulfilled,until you break even and your life becomes a voice all over nations.Don't relent in the place of rest,You are made for greatness !

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